Stephen Curry With Dreads

Steph Curry Experiments With Dreads

Steph Curry is one of the most accomplished NBA players ever. He has won two championships and been honored as Finals MVP twice during his Golden State Warriors point guard career. Along the way he has experimented with various hairstyles; some temporary, while others became part of his signature look. Despite his success on the basketball court, Steph is committed to social justice activism; he has vocally supported LGBTQ causes while participating in campaigns to increase voter registration and engagement.

He takes great pleasure in keeping his family content. Together with Ayesha, they have three children; Ryan and Riley being daughters. Ayesha herself is a chef with her own line of cooking products; both she and he share an extremely close bond, often sharing touching photographs on social media accounts like Instagram.

The Curry family loves spending quality time as a unit and can often be seen out and about in Oakland, California. Steph and Ayesha both travel extensively; Steph particularly is fond of exploring new cultures with Ayesha; they both also love trying out new restaurants; Ayesha has long been involved with charitable initiatives in her local community and supports various charitable projects with Steph as her travel buddy.

Stephen Curry usually wears his hair in a low ponytail at the back of his head. Additionally, he often sports short sideburns and high skin fades on top of his head; although at one time Steph experimented with dreadlocks.

Though his time with the dreads was short-lived, they gave him an intriguing look that fans loved. Furthermore, they gave him more bounce and made him appear more aggressive on the court; unfortunately however, when playing with these new locks the Warriors struggled and eventually lost.

Steph Curry, the 6-foot-2 guard from Georgia Tech, takes great pride in his appearance both on and off the court. He regularly visits JayR Mallari of Los Angeles Barbers who has created some eye-catching looks. JayR has worked on many American Basketball League athletes’ heads.

Mallari’s Instagram page features clips of NBA stars and rappers receiving haircuts. He unknowingly discovered his talent for cutting hair when cutting friends’ for $5 in high school; since then he’s become responsible for visuals of some of the league’s most successful players–he even got to shave LeBron James’ bald spot!

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