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Brie Jackson – A Preeminent American Journalist

Brie Jackson, an esteemed American journalist, currently works with NBCUniversal out of Washington D.C. as the Washington Correspondent since December 2021. Jackson covers stories concerning state Congressional delegation and Federal government affairs that affect her community, while being content in her career which she finds meaningful, interesting and rewarding. She describes it as her dream job!

Jackson begins her day between midnight and 12:30 am by checking emails before getting to her news station by 1:30 am, where she prepares and writes stories on political news for broadcast on her morning show at 3:30 am. Jackson graduated with distinction from University of Maryland in 2003 as captain of its women’s basketball team – estimated net worth: between $1 and 2 Million as of now and annual earnings range from $52,254-888,000

Jackson is proud to have received both parental support and encouragement for her journalism career from both of her parents. Recently, her father sent a letter encouraging her to keep up the hard work she is doing. Additionally, Jackson is an advocate for Girl Scouts as well as being involved with several charitable projects.

Her interests also include traveling and spending time with family. She enjoys running marathons to raise funds for charity; furthermore, she is a proud supporter of the Boys and Girls Club.

She enjoys an extensive social circle. She frequently posts photos with them on her social media accounts. Furthermore, the staff at NBC news channel have shown tremendous support.

Brie is an out lesbian by nature and she and Jen met through Match almost seven years ago and started talking on the phone for three months prior to meeting in person and have been together ever since.

Brie is an avid runner and enjoys participating in marathons to raise money for charity. She stands an average height and weighs approximately 110 pounds; her hair color is blonde with blue eyes. Additionally, Brie loves cooking up new recipes – and serving as an inspiring role model to her fans as a positive example for hard work achieving your goals! We wish for Brie continued success as an a journalist – thank you for reading!

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