Speaker Knockerz Net Worth

Speaker Knockerz Net Worth

Despite the fact that Speaker Knockerz are a relatively young band, their net worth is quite high. This is probably due to their popularity and the fact that their music has a wide range of different fans. They have also toured with many other bands, and have been in the news quite a lot. Their music has also been featured in many movies, including the movie “Ghostbusters” and “Anchorman”.

Early life

Known for his distinctive style, Speaker Knockerz was born on November 6, 1994 in New York City. He had black hair and brown eyes. He was a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. He also founded his own label. Speaker Knockerz has a younger brother, Christian McAllister.

Speaker Knockerz began his career by making music on his computer. He released two mixtapes in just a few months. He was a popular rapper on YouTube. He also collaborated with Meek Mill on the “Dreamchasers” mixtape. His lyrics were very easy to understand and his music was popular on social media.

Speaker Knockerz was known for his music, which combined gloomy instrumentals with motivational lyrics. His beats were popular among several prominent rappers. He was considered to be one of the most influential figures in the rap world. He was often referenced in songs by other artists.

Music career

During his rap career, Speaker Knockerz made an impact. He produced music for artists such as French Montana and 2 Chainz. He also made a splash on social media with his ‘Rico Story’ trilogy. Although he never reached superstar status, he was a trend setter in the industry. In fact, he pioneered a new sound.

Speaker Knockerz started making music with a PC in his early teens. He eventually sold beats on type beat site SoundClick. He was also active on Instagram. He had millions of followers. His page is still active today. His most popular song, “Lonely,” was a viral hit in 2013. He was also due to perform at Club Ambition in South Carolina on March 8. Sadly, he passed away before he could perform.

Death in 2014

During the week of March 6, 2014, a popular rapper from South Carolina named Speaker Knockerz died. He was found dead at his home. His body was found without signs of trauma. It was reported that he died of a heart attack. However, toxicology reports are pending, and the official cause of death is still unclear.

Speaker Knockerz was a talented underground rapper from South Carolina. He sold beats to Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, and 2 Chainz. He also produced for Young Scooter and Shy Glizzy.

Speaker Knockerz started his career at a young age. He began writing and recording songs on his home computer. He released his first mixtape in 2010. The album, Flight Delayed, contained tracks such as “Good Times”, “Tip You Like a Waiter”, and “Weekend”. The official video for “Lonely” has been watched more than 96 million times.


Among the most famous American rappers is Speaker Knockerz. He was born on November 6, 1994 in New York City, New York, USA. He was the son of Mesha Wilson and Derek McAllister Sr. His family moved to South Carolina when he was young.

He was a songwriter, rapper, and producer. He also had a brother named Christian McAllister. He started creating music when he was thirteen years old. He was heavily influenced by his father’s music background.

Speaker Knockerz started his career on YouTube. He was famous for his “Rico Story” trilogy. He also collaborated with Meek Mill on the “Dreamchasers” mixtape. The videos he made on YouTube had a better quality than other videos. His lyrics were easy to understand and sing along to.


Whether you know him as Derek McAllister or Speaker Knockerz, the rapper was a rising star who was a huge social media star. His music videos had over 3 million views on YouTube, and his videos are still being followed by millions of people.

Speaker Knockerz started making his own songs with a computer when he was 13 years old. He had a great flow and was able to color in 808s. He also possessed a knack for lyrics. He wrote the lyrics to go with the beats, and turned his lyrics into songs.

His first mixtape was released when he was fourteen. He also recorded a single that was released on iTunes. He was signed to Akon’s Konvict Music label. The song “Flexin & Finessin” was a hit. This song is one of Soulja Boy’s favorites.


Whether or not Speaker Knockerz’s passing was due to his untimely demise or not is still up for debate. He was a trend setter in the hip hop world, and his absence had the industry buzzing. His music label, Talibandz Entertainment, is still in business and has seen a steady stream of new talent. He also earned a decent sum in the music industry, most notably from his role as the head of A&R at Def Jam Records.

Speaker Knockerz was also an avid twitterer and was an avid Twitter user, so he was always on the lookout for the next big thing. He trolled Twitter for some time, and has amassed some impressive numbers, including more than 300,000 Twitter followers, and a cult following.

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