Spatty Daddy Net Worth 2020

Spatty Daddy Net Worth 2020

During her time on Shark Tank, Cheryl Daymond helped the Spatty with her business. She helped her get her product manufactured, and she also gave the Spatty a hand.

Cheryl Rigdon’s business idea

Inventor Cheryl Rigdon pitched her business idea for Spatty daddy on the Shark Tank. Her product is a small, silicone spatula that helps to extract the last bits of make-up, lotion, and other products. It fits into the opening of virtually any container.

Cheryl’s Spatty daddy product line has grown into a multi-million dollar business. It is sold in several stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Cheryl is a businesswoman and mother of two young daughters. She has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and worked in speech pathology for several years before she became a entrepreneur. She says that her biggest support is her family. She has not received any awards for her invention or her company, but she has been very successful with her product.

Her company is located in South Carolina. It earns her $41,000 per month. She has sold two million Spatties to date. She plans on making $1 million per year. She also makes money from licensing deals.

Shark Tank entrepreneur Cheryl Daymond gave the Spatty a hand

During a Shark Tank episode in 2012, Cheryl Rigdon presented a tool called The Spatty. It’s a six-inch spatula that was designed to scoop out the last bit of expensive makeup. The Spatty eliminates waste and inconvenience.

In the episode, Cheryl was able to show how she was frustrated with the waste that occurs when applying make-up. She demonstrated how she couldn’t get the last bit of makeup out of the bottle. She also explained how she wanted a solution that would save her money. The Sharks unanimously agreed that the product was beneficial.

As the inventor of the Spatty, Cheryl’s product has become a hit among beauty influencers. In fact, it’s sold more than half a million units so far. As a result of Shark Tank exposure, the business has grown exponentially. It also has expanded into niche product uses.

Despite the positive buzz surrounding the Spatty, Kevin O’Leary wasn’t convinced that it was a viable business. He thought that Cheryl’s marketing plan wasn’t very effective. He believed that the product wasn’t suitable for QVC. He also didn’t think that Cheryl had a solid distribution plan.

Manufacturing process

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