Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

A low-cost way to increase brand awareness is to use social media. Even with a reliable phone and a few tools at hand, you can create high-quality content with a few hours of effort and resources. Moreover, social media can help you reach your target audience for much less than targeted ads.

However, one thing that a small business owner probably does not have a lot of is time. If youre someone who has just started a business venture, then this article will come to your rescue for sure. Finding the right tools to accomplish your goals should not take a great deal of time. 

We enjoy researching new tools, and we have developed a workflow that we find to be effective. As each situation is unique, it is wise to tailor a system that works for you, but these tools would ease the process to quite an extent.

Just make sure to have a steady internet connection so that you can keep up with the updates and let your business take advantage of these tools without any hassle. In case you are looking for suggestions, Spectrum is a great option. 

The plans offered by this provider are quite affordable and it does not come with any data caps. Yes, that means you can enjoy unlimited data. Check now if it is available in your area. On that note, let us talk about the social media tools every business should consider in 2022:


If you are looking to automate your social media marketing, MeetEdgar seems to be the ultimate solution. It allows you to schedule posts and create content across multiple platforms using this tool. Those who say ‘schedule it and forget about it’ are the right audience for this app. 

You can use MeetEdgar to make better decisions for future posts based on in-depth analytics on engagement rates, response times, etc. Moreover, if needed, you can upgrade from Edgar Lite to Edgar Pro later. The price is pretty good!

The slogan, however, does not make sense when you consider the app only works for Meta, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can only access three platforms with the cheapest plan. Neither messages nor comments can be managed from a central inbox. 

Therefore, we found that to be a shortcoming. Maybe it is perfect for you, though! You will need to decide what social media platforms to use based on your budget, ambitions, and budget. Therefore, what does not work for one business will maybe do wonders for another one. 


Small businesses can get started with its generous free plan even though its paid plans aren’t the cheapest. We consider it to be the most powerful and robust social media management tool. This tool integrates with all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Business. 

Soon, TikTok will be available on its integration module. You can publish/schedule, analyze/report, manage social, listen to competitors, analyze the community, schedule, and more with this amazing app. 


With Planoly, you can plan, schedule, and manage Instagram posts from your desktop and mobile device. Manage multiple Instagram accounts with one app and create a cohesive Instagram feed. Each post can be reviewed along with engagement data before going live. Comments can also be tracked and replied to directly from the app. You can try Planoly for free, and there is a $7 monthly fee for the paid version.


If you are a small business looking for ways to improve your social media presence, then Loomly is a good option. Here are some pros and cons of Loomly you should consider:

With Loomly, you can collaborate with your group more effectively. It integrates several platforms, tools, and teams efficiently with features such as audience targeting, post preview, and automated posting. Companies and organizations with up to 30 users can take advantage of their higher-tier packages even though their base plan only allows two people.

Furthermore, Loomly is free to try for 15 days, which is an obvious benefit. The second benefit is that the base plan starts at just $26 per month. Also, all your social assets can be optimized in real-time and shared easily. This is a good value for your money.

However, there is a cost associated with large-scale plans. Social media tools may need to be upgraded for businesses with significant ad spending, regardless of the number of employees using them.

Wrapping Up

That is all for this post. Though building your small business through social media sounds fun, it does require a lot of energy, time, and effort. We hope you find this article helpful in building in that regard. Would you like to try any of these social media tools? Did we miss any of your favorites? Please let us know by commenting below. We would love to hear from our audience.

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