Benefits of Using Buzzwords on Your Resume

A resume is a document that you create while applying for a job. You integrate your skills and proficiencies into it that reflect your skillset and command over the requirements of a job. So, a resume can help you positively impact the hiring committee. Therefore, it is mandatory that while creating your resume, you put your credentials and expertise aptly with the right kind of diction. But, if you need a firm grip on vocabulary and feel worried that creating a solid professional resume is an arduous task, then relax. We have got a solution for you. You can use a free resume builder online. There are premade templates in such a service; you can edit any to add your details and carve a professional resume. One vital factor that can make your employers go crazy after seeing your resume is the addition of buzzwords. These are the words and phrases that become a part of popular jargon in a specific period. The templates of an online resume creator already contain potent words, so you don’t need to figure them out yourself.

Now you might be wondering why you need to assimilate such words in your words. The answer is obvious and straightforward; it shows that you stay relevant to the market’s contemporary trends and understand your industry’s dynamics well. There are many other benefits that you can enjoy with the blending of buzzwords in your resume; we will highlight them below.

Benefits of Using Buzzwords

Buzzwords can help you succeed in getting a job compared to others if you use them aptly. Adding such phrases does not mean you attach these words in large quantities; instead, there should be a delicate balance. Buzzwords serve below mentioned purposes.

Get an Edge in the Application Tracking Process

Buzzwords are usually catching, and they grab the readers’ attention quickly. Therefore, if you use a good collection of such words in your resume, you will be more successful in the shortlisting process for an interview. It happens because when the hiring team goes through your document, they get fascinated by the terms you used compared to the bot-generated ones of others. So, you get an interview call earlier with a powerful impact on their minds.

An Indicator of Durable Communication Skills

One reliable factor that most corporate companies look for in new employees is the presence of solid communication skills, both oral and written. So, when employers see fancy words in your resume, they conclude that you have extraordinary communication abilities and a well-founded grip on writing. It adds another value to your profile, thus enhancing your chances of securing a job. So, whenever you apply for a job, conduct deep research to find suitable luring words for staying ahead of your competitors.

Adept in Technicality

Every company mentions the list of responsibilities for a job, and there are some technical aspects that an employee has to possess to get the job. That’s why, when you use technical jargon relevant to the job post, you show that you have a proper understanding of the job’s nature with the right approach toward your duties. In addition, it reflects to the hiring team that you are far above an average employee in terms of skills and technicality. Consequently, you get preference over others.

But, one thing that demands extreme attention is the choice of buzzwords in a resume. You must give proper attention to your selection of words. There are usually two kinds of buzzwords, good and bad ones. It depends on how you use these phrases because some terms fall under both good and bad words. So, whenever you use these types of words, you must double-check your resume before submitting it somewhere. For example, if you are applying for a junior-level job and add terminology related to the senior-level posts, it shows that you have used someone else’s words. As a result, your credibility gets questioned, and you fail to get your hands on the job. So, never encompass details that reflect that you are getting over clever instead of being competent in technicality.

Now, we will briefly update you on how you can pick the right kind of a buzzword.

Way to Choose Fine Buzzwords

The methodology for using buzzwords is not a complicated one. You can find pertinent words with a little bit of effort by analyzing them. For example, suppose you aim to brief the hiring person about your soft skills. In that case, you can use words like flexibility, curiosity, problem-solving, persistence, and persuasion while applying them anywhere in the world. However, when you are specifying your skillset as per the requirement of a job, then you must dig deep into the technical jargon of that field and pick some choosy words. For example, if you are applying for a sales job, words like a storyteller, accountable, social selling, and buying signal will do the job. But you can’t pick these words if you are applying for a management job. Instead, you must select words like risk management, cost management, gap analysis, change control, etc. So, be extra cautious when you are looking for specific field-oriented buzzwords.

Final Words 

It is the complete outlook of the benefits of using buzzwords and how to practice them in your resume. After reading this article, you will be in a position to understand the importance and value of buzzwords in your resume.

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