Shrien Dewani Net Worth

Shrien Dewani Net Worth

Shrien Dewani is a multi-millionaire businessman from Bristol, UK. He is the son of Prakash and Snila Dewani and the brother of Preyen and Preyer Dewani. The family has a well-known business background in Bristol and also a home care firm in the United Kingdom called PSP Healthcare.

Dewani met Anni Hindocha while living in London. They had met through mutual friends and were in a relationship from 2009 to 2010. In October 2010, Shrien and Anni got married in a lavish ceremony in India. Later, they planned to have a wedding in Paris. But then they backed out of the wedding in September. Afterwards, they went on vacation in Mumbai.

During the holidays, Shrien and Anni had been staying at a luxury hotel. During their stay, the couple were robbed and the taxi they were in was hijacked. It was later discovered that the car had been abandoned with Anni inside. One gunshot wound to her neck was found. There was an extensive blood loss.

A month after the robbery, Shrien, Anni and their two escorts were visiting several exclusive locations. The couple visited the Strand beach in Western Capetown and a BBQ restaurant in Gugulethu. Before returning to the UK, they made plans to have their wedding in Paris. Their wedding was scheduled for October 2010 and they went back to Bristol to celebrate Diwali, a Hindu festival.

Although a court cleared Shrien of any wrongdoing, he has accused three men who were convicted of killing Anni of being responsible for the crime. One of them is a Brazilian-born photographer.

A documentary on the case has been produced and will be released on Amazon Prime Video in November of 2021. Zola Tongo is already serving a prison term for his role in the murder. However, Monde Mbolombo, a thug who was given protection from prosecution, gives a detailed account of the robbery and murder. He expresses his distress over his role in the crime.

According to the BBC, there was a connection between Shrien and a number of male prostitutes. These prostitutes had connections with a German Master, real name Leopold Leisser. Dewani paid the master for sex. This revelation is very disturbing and it is possible that the master may be behind the homicide.

The homicide investigation has been ongoing for a long time. There have been reports that Dewani was bisexual and he has confessed to sleeping with male prostitutes. However, his family never knew about his sexuality and his marriage to Anni was not recognized.

He was referred to the Priory Hospital in Bristol for treatment in 2011. During the course of his treatment, he had post-traumatic stress disorder. Nevertheless, Shrien was acquitted of murder charges in 2014.

As of December 2014, all charges against Shrien Dewani were dropped. However, he is still considered a suspect, and he is suspected of having sexual relationships with other males.

The net worth of Shrien Dewani is not entirely accurate. His salary is calculated based on publicly available information.

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