Shower Toga Net Worth

Shower Toga Net Worth – How Much is Kressa Peterson Worth?

In March of 2019, Shower Toga was featured on Shark Tank USA. The product is a nylon slip with a rope around the neck and side access pockets that let you remove the shower head without taking your clothes with you.

This invention was developed by Kressa Peterson, a woman from Woodstock, Georgia. Her idea came to life after she suffered from breast cancer. She wanted to find a way to wash off in a public area, but still remain completely private. That’s when she invented Shower Toga.

Shower Toga is a nylon slip with pockets to hold soap and shampoo. It also has a string to hang from the neck. It can be used with bottle water, and its nylon fabric wicks moisture away. After the wearer is finished, they can wash off with a bar of soap in one of the smaller pockets.

Aside from using the product in the shower, it can be used for other purposes. The Shower Toga can be converted into a duffel bag to carry dirty clothes. And it can be used by hikers, runners, and beach goers. With its ability to stay clean and keep you covered, it is an ideal accessory for people who love the outdoors.

Peterson launched Shower Toga with a Kickstarter campaign in July of 2017. By the time of her appearance on Shark Tank, she had already delivered her first run of products to her backers. But she needed more help to expand the company’s reach. So, she went to Mark Cuban and Alli Webb, two of the biggest Sharks in the business. They liked her presentation and offered to invest $80,000 for a 40% stake in the company.

Once she received the money, Peterson took the product to a test market. She partnered with The Mud Titan Run, Savage Race, and The Shark Bite Half Marathon. However, the most successful sales came from local obstacle course racing tournaments.

During her first year of selling the product, she was able to make a profit of nearly $80,000. This was enough to convince Cuban to invest the remaining $80,000. Currently, Shower Toga has more than a dozen partners, which includes events like The Mud Titan Run and Shark Bite.

Now that the product has been introduced, it is easy to purchase on the company’s website. For $35, users can buy a shower toga, which is washable and waterproof. As of August 2022, Shower Toga is expected to generate revenues of 2.5 to $5 million. On a good day, the company may be able to earn as much as a half a million dollars.

Kressa Peterson is the founder and CEO of Shower Toga. Previously, she worked in direct mail advertising and ran her own sport horses. Today, she is an active outdoor enthusiast and loves to race. Among her hobbies, she enjoys horse riding and competing in Spartan races.

Shower Toga is a unique product that is gaining popularity. People love how it allows them to shower in a public place, while remaining completely private.

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