Shooting Orlando Fl Today


Shooting Orlando FL Today

After carrying out an attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on Sunday morning that left 49 dead – men, women, and children alike – Omar Mateen is reported as acting alone and remains at large.

This was one of the largest mass shootings ever witnessed in American history and second only to 2017 Las Vegas attack as the deadliest incident against LGBT people since 9/11. Furthermore, most victims were Latino; police believe this incident may have been motivated by hatred towards club patrons.

On Wednesday morning in Pine Hills, Florida, two journalists from Spectrum News 13 were shot by an unknown gunman. A reporter and her daughter’s mother were both struck; according to police, her daughter later reported saying, “He shot me!” She died due to severe chest trauma while another journalist remains critical.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office investigators are investigating whether or not this shooting is connected with a murder investigation in neighboring Pinellas Park. The victim has requested privacy.

After the suspected shooter wounded seven people this weekend, downtown Orlando will soon receive a new security plan from the Orlando Business Improvement District involving controlled entry points to help keep people safe. WeSH spoke to business owners and people frequenting downtown who remain concerned but hope these new security measures will make things better.

Over the weekend in Orlando Florida there was another shooting incident when a man killed both of his godmother’s sister’s in their home before leading officers on a high-speed pursuit that ended with him being shot by law enforcement agents before eventually collapsing and colliding with a car before dying in an officer-involved shooting incident.

The shooting is being investigated by the sheriff’s office, state attorney’s office and city of Orlando. Both officers involved were placed on paid administrative leave while reviews are completed; body camera footage will likely be made public within 30 days. It was an unfortunate way to end Memorial Day weekend; earlier on a Texas fugitive opened fire on his neighbors after they asked him to stop shooting at their property; eventually leading to him being shot dead during a shootout that ended with him dead as well as three months spent on the run from authorities; his identity remains unknown while this story will be updated accordingly as more information becomes available.


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