Shay Rowbottom Net Worth

Shay Rowbottom Net Worth – How Much Is Shay Rowbottom Worth?

If you are a digital marketing buff then you have probably heard of Shay Rowbottom. She is a virtuoso of the social networking world, with over 800k followers on LinkedIn. One of the biggest reasons for her success is her ability to wrangle viral videos, a feat which her team at Margle Media are masters of. These guys make 3,000 videos a month for 60 publishers on Facebook. Their videos get about a billion views a month, which is a lot of bang for your buck.

Despite her success, Rowbottom is not without a few missteps. Her first job was as a rapper, and she auditioned for American Idol. While she was a professional singer and dancer she also spent many years in the marketing agency business. At one point she was an assistant manager. It was while she was in this role that she developed the skills to make a decent viral video. After a few years at the day job she realized there was potential to become a solo entrepreneur in the social media space. This spawned the birth of Margle Media, a Milwaukee-based viral video creation company. Eventually, Rowbottom was able to eke out a living selling online courses.

However, while she was making a decent living in the corporate world, she had not fully found her voice. In 2006, Rowbottom started a YouTube channel called tweens and teens, but the channel was dormant after she was married. This proved to be a mistake. The channel would have been a huge hit if only she had learned to take better care of her body.

Getting a high-quality video to YouTube, and then editing it to perfection isn’t easy. To be honest, Rowbottom could have ascended to the top of the pops faster than she managed. However, she persevered, and now, she has a team of people who specialize in this field. They make some of the best videos you’ll find anywhere. As a result, Rowbottom’s company, Margle Media, is now on a path to becoming a social media superstar. By the time her career is done, she hopes to have over a million followers, a massive social media following and a net worth well in excess of a million dollars. For those interested in starting their own social media marketing business, check out Shay Rowbottom’s website. There is a free video available to download which shows you how to make your own viral video.

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