Shawn Mclemore Net Worth

Shawn McLemore Net Worth

As one of the most famous and successful gospel singers of all time, Shawn McLemore is a highly acclaimed musician. His songs have been featured in many movies, and he had also been known to conduct many choirs. However, he passed away on 9th October, 2021 at the age of 54. This death was extremely surprising for his family and fans.

When he was young, McLemore was a member of a church congregation in Los Angeles. He graduated from West LA University with a Bachelor of Arts in musical education, and later, received a doctorate from Houston Bible College. After completing his studies, he had a successful career in music.

Throughout his career, Shawn McLemore worked with various record labels, including Verity Records, Black Smoke Records, and Worldwide Music. He also wrote a number of hit songs. One of his most popular songs was the song Wait on Him. The album reached the number thirty-three position on the Billboard magazine’s Gospel Albums chart. A three-star review was given to the album by AllMusic.

The singer and songwriter has been married to Rhonda McLemore for twenty-five years, and they have a daughter named Sharon McLemore. According to their social media accounts, the couple shared a lot of pictures of their life with their children. Their family is very close, and they were very much involved in their church.

Shawn McLemore has a very successful career, and he earned a large fortune through his career as a professional musician. He has also been a popular social media personality, with over 6.2K followers on Instagram.

During his career, he was the leader of the gospel group called New Image. His other albums include Wait on Him, Stand: The Shawn Mac Project, and Sunday Morning: The Live Experience. Many of his fans are sad to hear about his sudden death, and are providing their condolences through different platforms.

While he was alive, McLemore was very affluent, having assets worth up to a million dollars. Despite this, the singer still prefers a modest lifestyle. Since the news of his passing, McLemore’s family and fans have been extremely upset.

It is not clear what exactly caused the singer to pass away. It is believed that he had an underlying illness. Although it is not completely known, Shawn McLemore is said to have passed away from a heart attack, and his accomplice announced the news of his death on his Instagram account.

Regardless of his sudden death, Shawn McLemore has left behind a very large family and many fans. In fact, the community of gospel artists held a benefit concert in April, to honor the singer’s memory. Other musicians, like James Fortune, donated $7,500 to McLemore’s cause.

As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be between $2 million and $5 million. His wife, Rhonda McLemore, has a large social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and she also owns an online store for women’s clothing.

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