Sandra Bullock People’s Choice

Sandra Bullock Won a People’s Choice Award

Sandra Bullock is the epitome of perfection and that’s why she recently won a People’s Choice Award.

On Wednesday night, the Oscar-winning actress donned a stunning red dress to accept her prize as favorite movie actress at the People’s Choice Awards. In an emotional acceptance speech, she paid tribute to all women in her category while sharing an endearing story about her son Louis.

“I have discovered that the company you keep matters,” she said, emphasizing how important it is to surround yourself with positive people. She and other women in her circle show support and celebrate one another.”

She concluded by noting, “It’s encouraging to know that even in difficult times, people can make a difference.” Her remarks followed tributes she paid to fellow female competitors Melissa McCarthy, Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep.

It’s no secret that Bullock and her “The Heat” co-star Melissa McCarthy possess incredible on-screen chemistry, so it’s no surprise they were awarded the People’s Choice for best on-screen chemistry. The duo, who had their share of breakups and makeups both on- and off-camera, often engaged in lighthearted banter about their coupledom.

Bullock and her “The Heat” co-stars were recognized for their on-screen chemistry in 2013, but she also took home an award for her humanitarian efforts in 2013. Together with her sister Julia Hudson, Bullock founded the Chicago-based Julian D. King Gift Foundation in memory of her nephew who tragically passed away in 2008.

Bullock has achieved great success and earned herself an array of accolades, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously – so she used her People’s Choice Awards moment to share a lighthearted tale about her young son.

The “The Blind Side” star began her speech by explaining that she would be attending the awards show with her young son Louis, who had a burning question about where they were going. When she informed him about it, Louis became intrigued and inquired if he would receive an award when appearing on television or in film.

After some thought, Bullock informed her son he’d need to wait before appearing on screen or TV, but that he would be honored when it did. She then concluded her speech by sharing this touching story with her fans – one of the most touching things we saw all night.

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