Sam Calagione Net Worth

Sam Calagione Net Worth

Sam Calagione is an American businessman and actor. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Dogfish Head Brewery. Sam also acts as an author, director, and brewer. His book, Extreme Brewing, was published in 2006.

Sam has been married twice. He is currently married to Mariah Calagione and has a daughter, Grier. Before their marriage, Sam and Mariah were high school sweethearts.

Sam Calagione is a former journalist. He worked as a writer at The Daily Beast, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek. However, he wanted to work in the brewing industry. In 1995, he worked at the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. At that time, the brewery was the smallest professional brewing company in the United States. Today, the brewery is the fastest growing brewery in the nation. It has sold beer in thirty states.

Sam is a Navy veteran. He was born in New York City. His parents moved to western Massachusetts when he was two. From there, he attended Muhlenberg College. After college, he received a bachelor’s degree in English.

Calagione’s wife, Mariah, is also an American actress and entrepreneur. She is the vice president of the Dogfish Head Brewing Company. They live in the Seaport neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2000, Sam and his wife, Mariah, gave birth to their son, Sammy. They also have a daughter, Dinah. Since then, Sam has made the decision to drop his military career. Instead of working for the government, he continues to make his money in the brewing industry.

Although the exact net worth of Sam is not known, his earnings with the company are estimated to be around $1 million per year. This makes up the bulk of his total net worth. Sam and his wife enjoy paddleboarding in Maine. Other hobbies include water sports in Delaware and motorcycle rides in the state.

Sam has appeared in several films. Among these are The Dish & the Spoon (2011), American Beer (2004), and Beer Wars (2009). Additionally, he has appeared in the Discovery Channel’s Brew Masters.

Sam is known for his obsession with Dogfish Head. The founders of the company created the 60-minute IPA, which is now the most widely brewed beer in America. Aside from the IPA, the company produces other beers, including off-center ales, and the Mother Goose series. Recently, the brewery announced a limited edition release of their beer. As of this writing, the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery has sold over a half billion dollars worth of their products.

In his free time, Sam enjoys paddleboarding, kayaking, and motorcycle riding in coastal Delaware. In the future, Sam hopes to become a fashion designer. And he plans to teach his children how to brew.

Sam is a member of the Brewers Association and the Brewers Association Foundation. He also speaks frequently about the importance of small businesses. Previously, he hosted the Brew Masters on the Discovery Channel. He has also appeared in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

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