Salvatore Delaurentis Net Worth

Salvatore DelLaurentis Net Worth – How Much is Salvatore DelLaurentis Worth?

If you’ve read about the Chicago mob over the years, chances are you’ve come across Salvatore “Solly D” DeLaurentis and his brother Louie. This pair of mob enforcers has long been known for their role in gambling and loan sharking operations in the north suburbs. When mobster Joseph Amato retired in the 1990s, Solly D and Louie took over the reins. But this group was pinched in a RICO bust.

Solly D was a relative of Ernest Infelise, the former street boss of the Cicero crew. He was also a former golf pro and bar owner, who employed Solly D as a bookie. The two men are alleged to have been involved in one of the biggest racketeering scams in the history of organized crime. Using an old-school system, Solly D and Louie paid Rocco Infelise to give them advance notice of law enforcement raids. According to prosecutors, this was the first step in a scheme in which they were able to take down a major competitor.

Interestingly, Solly D’s most well-known contribution to the Outfit’s success is the role he played as part of the North Suburban Street Boss scheme. This was designed to protect the Outfit’s chief from federal prosecution. Although this scheme was a flop, it was still the first of its kind. Another notable player was Frank Ferraro. While he escaped a prison sentence for extortion in 1967, he was later convicted for racketeering in 1993-1994.

Other notable figures in the mob’s North Suburban Street Boss scheme include Albert “Albie the Falcon” Vena, who grew up with Solly D in the mob. Before he became a leader, he was the number three man. A longtime enforcer, he was also known for his “Louie Tomatoes” nickname, which is not surprising considering his role in the Outfit’s north suburban mob empire.

Several other players on the Chicago Outfit’s street team are rumored to be making a return to the fold, including Dino Marino, a button man who is being groomed to become the next mob boss. The gang’s other top lieutenant, Michael “Fat Mike” Sarno, was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2013 for the racketeering case. Despite these high-profile convictions, it’s unclear whether or not Salvatore “Solly D” has truly gone legit. However, he is still a part of the Outfit’s powerbase, which has been renamed the “North Suburban Outfit” after his recent release from prison.

One thing is for sure, the infamous Salvatore “Solly D” was a wiseguy. In fact, he is a member of the so-called Lake County Cicero crew sub-gang, which is said to be the Chicago Outfit’s biggest strength. As a result, the mob family in Chicago will likely be around for quite some time.

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