Sadie Sink Curly Hair

Sadie Sink – A Tomboy With Curly Hair

Sadie Sink is one of the stars of Netflix’s Stranger Things series, and is a total tomboy. The actress has appeared in many projects over the years, from The Glass Castle (2017) to Dear Zoe (scheduled for a November release). She is a fan of Stella McCartney and Glossier. She has also been known to wear short hair and curly locks. In her spare time, she enjoys a good meal at a trendy local restaurant and a few drinks with friends.

Despite being a tomboy, Sadie Sink has managed to look chic on and off the set. She is a diehard fan of fashion, and often mixes classic and modern silhouettes. One of her go-to looks includes a high-waisted pair of trousers, a t-shirt, and some pumps. While she’s typically spotted with a short sassy bob, she’s been known to show off her locks with a more dramatic updo.

Her choice of attire is usually a combination of black and white. Among her more flamboyant outfits, she was seen wearing a glittering Gucci gown at the 2020 SAG Awards. This dress was accompanied by a sculptural ring. When she wore it to an Oscar-worthy event, she added a bit of glam with a smattering of diamonds.

One of the more interesting Sadie Sink outfits was a white dress with a midriff-revealing top and a slick black grommet-covered harness. She paired the dress with a pair of edgy pointed pumps. To make the look more complete, she wore a matching pair of earrings, which she tucked into her black trousers.

For a more formal affair, she attended a Chanel event in November. Her choice of dress was an ensemble that could have been from the late 1990s. She opted for a white blazer and a matching pair of jeans. A pair of matching gold earrings completed the look. She also wore a matching pair of high-heeled sandals. On the occasion of her appearance, she carried a matching white purse, which she wore on her left arm.

It’s no secret that Sadie Sink loves the limelight. She’s been spotted at various events during her short career, and is one of the stars of Stranger Things. Though her hair isn’t always the best looking onscreen, it’s easy to see that the actress is a fashion aficionado at heart. Besides her love of fashion, she’s a great writer and her work can be found in various publications, including L’Officiel USA’s Winter 2022 issue. Known for her fashion-forward style and wit, she’s a major draw.

One of her other notable achievements was playing the title role in the musical Annie. She also starred in the aforementioned Pitch Perfect film and has appeared in a number of other films, including the aforementioned Eli. From the way she dresses to her witty banter with co-star Caleb McLaughlin, Sink is one of the most lovable characters on and off the screen. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of her on the silver screen in the years to come.

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