Emma Watson Funny Pics

Emma Watson – Funny Pics of the Famous Female Actress

One of the most famous female actors in the world, actress Emma Watson has certainly earned her place in cinematic history with her role in the Harry Potter franchise. She may have played Hermione in the ten films but she has also shown up in the big leagues with her leading lady stint in Noah, Darren Aronofsky’s take on the Biblical epic. This year, Emma is also a proud member of the UN’s Goodwill Ambassadors. Since her first film, she has gone on to appear in the likes of The Circle, Beauty and the Beast, and the aforementioned ode to the beast.

For the record, Emma was born in Paris. At the age of six, she relocated to Oxford, England where she began her theatrical journey. After several auditions, the aforementioned chums at the odious, er, the odious, cast her as Hermione in the aforementioned ode to the lords of the realms. As for a formal education, she went to Brown University where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in 2014. After graduating, she decided to call it a day and head out into the big wide world. It was during this time she found a home with her aforementioned ode to the aforementioned aforementioned ode to the odious odious.

In addition to the Harry Potter franchise, she has also appeared in the likes of Regression, The Bling, and The Circle. Among her other accomplishments is a Best Supporting Actress award at the San Diego Film Critics Society a la Jennifer Lawrence. Touted as the biggest actress in her own right, her latest project is the forthcoming blockbuster aforementioned ode to the burgeoning. Earlier this month, she was also named as the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations. Besides being one of the most famous females in the business, she has been praised for her acting chops and her dedication to women in film.

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