Ryan Gosling Notebook Beard

Ryan Gosling’s Favorite Beard Styles

Ryan Gosling has become one of Hollywood’s sexiest leading men, and his beard adds charm. While most men may not be able to grow full beards like Gosling does, he provides inspiration for men looking for neat facial hair styles that they can sport themselves. Here are a few of Ryan’s signature beard styles to help get the desired look.

1. The Notebook Beard

In 2004’s The Notebook, Gosling played Noah Calhoun, an unemployed writer who meets Allie Fisher while working at a coffee shop in Charleston, South Carolina. Immediately they fall in love but then their romance becomes complicated when Allie learns of Noah’s wife and child residing elsewhere. This film has since become considered an iconic romance classic; Gosling’s beard helping to set him apart as leading man.

He grew a beard for this role that wasn’t as thick as some of his previous beards, yet still added charm. Trimmed close to his jawline and combined with a handlebar mustache, the combination proved ideal for playing an alluring romantic character in the film.

Gosling has often worn this style and it looks great with or without a mustache, making it easy to maintain. This look is ideal for those without enough time or patience for full beard growth.

2. The Dark-Gray Beard

Gosling often sports a darker, not quite full-grown beard that’s not quite thin like his five o’clock shadow either, to add a rugged quality to his look and make him more eye-catching when worn with dark jeans. This look works equally well whether worn alone or combined with mustaches; either combination will certainly appeal to women!

3. The Distinguished Man Beard

Gosling recently made waves when he debuted an eye-catching beard worthy of any CIA agent in the new trailer for Joe Russo and Anthony Russo-directed flick The Gray Man on Netflix on July 22. Gosling plays Court Gentry in Joe Russo/Anthony Russo-directed flick while Chris Evans stars alongside Gosling as Lloyd Hansen; an ex-CIA operative doing everything possible to take down Gentry.

4. The Imperial Mustache

Ryan Gosling fans and celebrities alike often favour this look known as The Distinguished Man beard style, combining short stubble with an immaculate mustache for an irresistibly carefree appearance that cannot be missed. While maintenance may be required to keep it looking its best, its beauty cannot be overlooked!

On Monday, Ryan Gosling could be seen donning an impressive mustache while filming The Nice Guys in Los Angeles. He and Eva Mendes share daughter Esmeralda Amada and this look was fitting of an early seventies setting.

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