Onion Bagels Discontinued 2020

Thomas’ Onion Bagels Discontinued 2020

Thomas’ Onion Bagels have always been an enjoyable addition to breakfast tables across America, whether served toasted with cream cheese or with your choice of deli meats. Unfortunately, however, they were discontinued back in 2020 but we’re thrilled that they will soon make their comeback and our customers can’t wait!

Harry Lender and his sons created the original onion bagel in 1927 when they opened a New York-style bakery out of their garage in New Haven, CT. Soon thereafter they discovered its immense popularity with locals and began freezing their bagels for high-volume weekend sales – thus providing delicious bagels without spending both time and money making them from scratch each day.

Bimbo Bakeries USA now counts Bimbo Bagels among their portfolio of food brands and products, thanks to the success of these bagels. Their first industrial facility was purchased by their family in 1960. Since then, several more facilities have been established nationwide and more expansion has taken place within Bimbo Bakeries USA’s portfolio of brands and products.

Additionally to their original Onion Bagel, the company now offers various other flavors such as Whole Wheat, Multigrain, Sourdough, Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal-Sunflower as well as unique bagel twists in various sizes and can be found at grocery stores nationwide.

Some of the most popular bagel flavors in the US include everything, cinnamon raisin, blueberry and sour cream and onion. There are also specialty bagels such as pumpernickel shaped into spirals or knots. But for something truly different try bacon and egg, onion, pepperoni mushroom or even asiago options to name but a few!

Start your morning right off right with a freshly made bagel from the oven! Making these delectable treats is relatively straightforward; all that is needed to create one in your own home is some time and ingredients, including proofed dough. After rolling and shaping it for baking in your oven.

First, combine your flour, salt, sugar and yeast. When this step is complete, it’s time to combine butter with milk before beating eggs into the mixture and slowly adding dry ingredients back in with wet ones until everything comes together into one smooth dough ready for baking.

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