Rogue One English Subtitles

Rogue One English Subtitles

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first stand-alone film in the storied franchise. The tale of three unlikely heroes who come together in a galaxy far, far away to take down the biggest threat to the Empire. Like its predecessors, it is a big, big blockbuster. Whether you’re a die hard fan of the saga or just a casual observer, you’ll likely find something to pique your interest. If you’re not in the market for a movie ticket, you’re in luck: Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are streaming the film in full screen glory. And as a bonus, you’ll have the luxury of not having to scrounge for a subtitle to boot. You’ll also be able to recite the lines of the sexiest man in the galaxy, sans the hiccups.

For fans of the saga, the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is akin to winning the lottery. Not to mention that you’ll get a taste of the galaxy far, far away.

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