J Balvin And Chiquis

J Balvin and Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera and J Balvin aren’t the only dudes in the limelight. There’s no denying that the former has had his share of tumultuous times, but he’s never stopped talking, not to mention writing a book. For his part, J Balvin has made it his mission to spread the Latin love, even if he’s not a native Mexican. The two haven’t been the easiest of bedfellows, but they’ve managed to make the most of their friendship.

When it comes to fashion, Chiquis is a trendsetter. This is especially true of his red carpet looks. In fact, his look was so eye catching that a photographer was practically stalking him before the event even started. During the award ceremony itself, Chiquis donned a negro dress. But that’s not to say that his looks were the only thing on his mind. He’s got a slew of other responsibilities – his brother is a budding film producer, and his girlfriend is a talented singer in her own right.

Although J Balvin and Chiquis aren’t the only high-flyers in their respective fields, they’re certainly the most enviable. Whether or not the two actually get back together is a different matter, but if their paths do cross again, there’s no doubt they’ll be in each others’ good books. While the relationship lasted, the two kept the romance under wraps. They even wrote a song for each other, which is something you don’t usually see in Hollywood.

It’s not surprising that a music industry juggernaut like Universal Music Latin Entertainment has a hand in some of the biggest names in the game. Their slick marketing campaigns have helped their artists like J Balvin to win over the competition. Some of the more laudable achievements include winning the Best Latin album of the year award and a spot in the top ten list of most influential Latin artists. Considering that their labels have offices in Mexico and the United States, there’s no reason to believe they’re not going to keep the music flowing for years to come.

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