Robin Thicke And Paula Patton Son Singing

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s Son Singing

The world of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton is a pretty complicated one. The pair, who announced their divorce in February after nine years together, have a son, Julian Fuego Thicke, and have been fighting over his custody since their split.

Almost every step of the way, Thicke has shown his true colors. From his infamous performance with Miley Cyrus at the MTV VMAs to his public apology for “Blurred Lines,” there’s no doubt that he’s been a mess lately.

It’s not surprising that he’s been a little bit rough on his family, especially with the loss of his father and mentor. But now, he’s trying to get back on track.

When he’s not singing at his son’s school talent show or starring on his new show on ABC, Robin Thicke is working on his own music. He’s released a few singles over the past year and is ready to make another album.

His most recent song, “Get Her Back,” sounds like a desperate plea for love. It’s clear that he’s trying to win his ex-wife back, and it’s a shame that his vanity and regret have come together in this way.

What’s even worse is that this effort to get his ex-wife back seems to have gotten him into a lot of trouble. In fact, he got into a legal battle with Marvin Gaye’s family over the song.

The lyrics on the song were a huge problem for many listeners, and they were also criticized for being rapey. Fortunately, the lyrics have since been changed.

He also tried to apologize to her in his most famous video, which was filmed while he was under the influence of alcohol and Vicodin. But he was still unable to take the blame for the debacle that led to their split.

Despite these issues, Thicke has never been a bad parent to his son. During his parents’ divorce, he attended therapy sessions with Julian to try and help him overcome his erratic behavior.

Now, Julian’s been spotted on the set of his parents’ new TV show, “Duets.” He hasn’t done much acting in the past, but it looks like he’s a talented youngster. He can sing and dance, which are both skills that his father, Paula Patton, has been known to have.

While he’s been a big fan of rom-coms, Thicke hasn’t made any romantic movies in his career. He’s been focused on writing songs instead of making films, but that may change soon.

In any case, Thicke’s latest album, Paula, was titled after his ex-wife, and it features some very lovesick songs. From the opening jazz-kissed title track to the doo-wopping closer, the songs on Paula have a lot to offer.

While the lyrics on his new album aren’t very deep, they seem to be a lot more honest than anything he’s done before. He even admits that his relationship with his ex-wife has been a tangled mess. But he’s not giving up on winning her back any time soon.

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