Red Yarn Wig Jessie

Red Yarn Wig – Jessie From Toy Story

Jessie is an inspiring character in the Toy Story universe and a friend to Woody and Buzz. Although Jessie may appear cheerful on the outside, inside she struggles with issues and fears which makes her truly remarkable. She strives to confront them head-on, which makes her such an inspirational role model for kids.

This red yarn wig is the ideal addition to any costume featuring Jessie from Toy Story! Crafted with vibrant orange-red yarn, it comes pre styled in a center part that gracefully sweeps back into a low center braid. Accented with yellow ribbon at the base of the wig, you’ll have everyone dancing and laughing all night long!

If you’re searching for an easy costume idea that looks authentic, this Jessie from Toy Story costume is your perfect solution. It comes complete with everything necessary to look like Jessie, including a red hat and white shirt with drawstring closure.

This affordable Halloween costume will have you in the spotlight! All that’s left for you to do is don the hat and jeans – and voila! You’re ready to start the party!

This wig features thick yarn hand sewn into place for a professional look and it’s not too long! It could be perfect for many characters due to its wool construction; if you wanted to adjust the color or length, that’s no problem!

This wig is relatively straightforward to construct, though it will take some time and patience. The yarn needs time to dry and the glue can be tricky to work with so we suggest having another person present for assistance. This project would be great for children or those who lack patience when working alone!

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