Is Jimmie Herrod Transgender

Is Jimmie Herrod Transgender?

Jimmie Herrod is an accomplished singer-songwriter who was dubbed the ‘Golden Buzzer’ by Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent. This Pacific Northwest-based artist and performer possesses a remarkable voice that sounds remarkably similar to women.

Herrod is an accomplished jazz musician with a bachelor’s degree in composition and performance as well as a master’s in Jazz Studies. Additionally, he’s part of Portland-based band Pink Martini.

He is an American singer-songwriter who achieved international fame through his appearance on the reality television show America’s Got Talent season 16. On the show, judges gave him a standing ovation for his beautiful performance which earned him widespread praise from viewers.

After winning the Golden Buzzer, Herrod advanced to live rounds and performed “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, earning him a standing ovation from both audiences and judges alike. As one of four winners of America’s Vote, he went on to become an instant sensation.

Herrod was able to earn $4,575 in cash or stock. Additionally, he earned a place on the stage during the final round of competition.

He is an accomplished singer-songwriter born on October 14, 1990 in Tacoma, Washington. As a gay man, he has been out and proud about his identity for many years.

The Olympian reported that Herrod is in a relationship with Ruslan Kamalov, a grievance and appeals specialist at VillageCare. The two met while Herrod was still attending Mount Tahoma High School in 2009 and began dating three years later in 2021.

Herrod’s mother, Latonya Herrod, is a lawyer. Her dad, Alex Matt Reed, is a dentist. He has an aunt Rosenda Richardson and brother Jacob Almanza as well.

Herrod began as a singer. His success as a performer in theatres eventually led him into successful business ventures.

He has an extensive musical background, having performed as part of Oregon Symphony’s showcase during 2018 TEDx series. Additionally, he was featured as a soloist with international acts such as ODESZA.

Herrod has also maintained a teaching career at the Meter Music School, and boasts an impressive social media following with 7,791 followers on Instagram and 1,176 on Facebook as of writing.

His family hails from the United States and he was raised in Tacoma, Washington. His parents are divorced.

Herrod has been in a committed relationship with Ruslan Kamalov since 2011, after growing up as a transgender man in the United States. As an out gay man, Herrod was raised with love and acceptance within society.

He has been happily married to Ruslan for five years, during which time he also works as a freelance vocal coach.

Herrod has earned numerous accolades and recognition as a talented singer, musician, and composer. As part of America’s Got Talent season 16, he received Simon Cowell’s ‘Golden Buzzer’ for his performance and advanced to the quarterfinals in live competition.

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