Randy Savage Cowboy Hat

Randy Savage Cowboy Hat

The randy savage cowboy hat is the ideal way to add an extra splash of flair and pizzazz to any wrestling cosplay costume. Crafted from poly-foam material with red faux leather exterior and brim, this hat features wire in the brim for secure wearing while broadcloth interior features a size-adjuster band for secure fitting.

Macho Man Randy Savage has always been a man of style and flair, and this hat shows it off! It’s essential for any fan who wants to pay tribute to this iconic wrestler!

Randy Savage was born in Sarasota, Florida and began playing baseball as a teenager. During the 1970s he worked as a minor league catcher for both St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox before opting to pursue wrestling professionally.

Savage earned his nickname from Ole Anderson, a legendary professional wrestler and coach who had an extensive career with Georgia Championship Wrestling. Ole was known for his mastery of violence in the ring; Savage soon learned how to get down to business with him.

Ole was no great wrestler, but he did his best to ensure Randy had the necessary training to succeed in the ring. He provided him with gimmicks, moves and even match pacing advice.

This hat is constructed with poly-foam materials and features a red faux leather exterior with wire in the brim. It also has a broadcloth interior with size adjuster band and appliqued details to show your support for this wrestling legend!

His name is proudly displayed on the front, while a WWE logo adorns his back. This hat makes an excellent addition to any collection of WWE figures and would make an ideal present for fans of this legendary wrestler!

Randy Savage had a brief career in the wrestling industry, but it was filled with surprises. From his feuds with Hulk Hogan to his controversial relationship with Vince McMahon, Randy set an example that other wrestlers still follow today.

In addition to his remarkable professional career, Randy also led an intriguing personal life. He was married to Elizabeth Hulette, who stood by him throughout most of his professional endeavors.

On Friday afternoon in Pinellas County, Florida, he tragically passed away from a car accident. This was an unbearable loss for both his wrestling peers and family members who were grieving his passing.

Prior to his meteoric rise as a star, Randy was an impressive minor league baseball player for Class-A Tampa. Weighing 175 pounds, he hit.232 in 461 at-bats with 19 doubles and nine home runs.

Savage’s childhood dream was to become a professional baseball player. He played on the Sarasota high school team and attempted to improve his throwing accuracy by hitting weights at local gyms. While Savage made progress during high school, his accuracy was inconsistent enough that he never advanced past double-A ball.

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