Matt Hamilton Curling Jersey

Matt Hamilton Wears an Olympic Curling Jersey Like Super Mario

On Saturday afternoon during the gold medal game against Sweden, matt hamilton donned his Olympic curling jersey and donned a baseball cap that looked like it belonged to Super Mario from video games. The energetic young athlete from McFarland, Wisconsin donned a bright red jersey and cap that looked like it belonged to someone from a video game.

Hamilton has been an incredible curling talent since 2007, when he joined his father Scott at Madison Curling Club in McFarland, Wisconsin. Since then he has become a highly ranked international player and won gold with Team Shuster at his first Olympics in 2018.

Matt has achieved national fame over the years, yet at heart he remains a child at heart. To showcase his hobby and love of soccer, Matt is taking it on the road.

He has been actively raising money and awareness for Stache Strong, a nonprofit organization dedicated to brain cancer research. The charity was co-founded by GJ and Colin Gerner after their son GJ succumbed to glioblastoma, an aggressive form of the disease.

The non-profit has achieved great success in fundraising, investing more than $1.2 million into research over the last two years. Furthermore, GJ’s wife Megan is being supported by the organization as she battles a similar form of brain cancer.

One of Hamilton’s most recognizable features is his epic push broom mustache. Growing up in McFarland, Wisconsin with a beard since childhood, it only got longer after his family relocated to China in February 2018.

With the help of his hair stylist, he’s grown his mustache out to resemble a man bun. This look has gained him plenty of attention on social media platforms.

Fans and even celebrities such as Dierks Bentley have given him the nickname “Curling GJ”. When Dierks tagged Hamilton on Instagram, Hamilton offered to teach him how to curl in exchange for guitar lessons.

He’s an avid beer enthusiast with an extensive collection. He’s visited breweries throughout Minnesota as well as several other cities nationwide, and even has a favorite beer that he will drink whenever he visits one of these establishments.

Hamilton’s style is further distinguished by his custom shoes. He wears Nike PG3 Nasa Blue Apollo 15 Mission edition sneakers, designed specifically for curling. These orange, silver and blue-patterned sneakers come with underfoot blades that help improve grip on the ice.

He wears sneakers with a unique design, which has made them popular with athletes around the world. Similar to basketball shoes with an asymmetrical heel and toe, these sneakers also have underfoot blades which help provide better grip on ice for curlers.

Hamilton has been receiving plenty of attention for his unique tattoos, in addition to his hair and sneakers. Chris Plys, a tattoo artist from Duluth, did most of Hamilton’s designs while Canadian artist Kevin Martin added one on his wrist.

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