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Love After Lockup Characters Revealed!

Rachel is a 4’10” attractive brunette ex Marine who has an affinity for inmates. Having experienced two previous prison relationships that ended with broken hearts, when Rachel met Doug through Write A Prisoner, she was instantly drawn to his tattoos and tall stature.

She fell in love with him and within eight months they were married. They even had a son together, whom they named Dougie. Once Doug was released from prison, the couple were able to complete their union.

Unfortunately, as viewers of the show know, things are not always ideal between Rachel and Doug. It’s no secret that Doug isn’t always faithful or responsible for keeping his head straight. Nonetheless, Rachel continues to strive for a happy marriage regardless of any difficulties that come their way.

Rachel is fortunate to have the support of her friends. They don’t want her exploited by her felon husband or to crumble completely.

They were so supportive of her relationship that they sat in on many phone calls between the two before Doug’s release. They thought this would be an ideal opportunity to see if there was genuine chemistry between them.

However, their conversations were often candid and it became evident that Doug typically had the final say. Furthermore, Rachel assumed the role of stepmother to his son from a previous relationship – something she hadn’t had to do before.

There can be no doubt that Rachel and Doug will experience serious difficulties. We’ll keep you up to date on all the exciting developments from the Love After Lockup cast!

What’s more, a photo of Doug kissing an unknown woman in his Instagram stories has some fans wondering if he has a new girlfriend. We’ll have more to discuss about this in an upcoming blog post!

The Good Stuff

Rachel has an encouraging family, as well as being an engineer with a great work ethic. She follows a set of values which she holds dear, and strives to ensure she’s content in every area of her life. The Good Stuff
In addition to having supportive family, Rachel also benefits from having such an experienced team around her.

Finally, she exhibits a true compassion and concern for others. It’s no surprise that she would make sacrifices in order to maintain her relationship and family.

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