Ciara Clip Goes Viral

A Canberra Dance Clip Goes Viral

A dance video from Canberra has gone viral, thanks to a local team performing for people with disabilities. A video featuring members of the Xtreme Stars dancing to Ciara’s “Level Up” has already amassed nearly 2.5 million views.

The clip is an effective way for R.&B singer to promote her new single J.U.M.P, which has already sparked a conversation about fuel prices. As part of an effort to promote the song, three dancers pull shapes atop a silver Ford Bronco SUV.

Many have been discussing the high fuel prices, particularly for Americans. This video has received 300,000 likes and more than 2.5 million views on Instagram alone.

This video of twerking has already been shared by thousands on social media and its impact is only going to grow!

Many are saying the twerking was the highlight of the video, but the real focus was on fuel prices. With numerous comments about how high prices are and how they will impact people’s lives, it’s clear that twerking was simply an attempt to get people talking about this issue.

Another topic gaining momentum is Ciara’s pregnancy announcement. She and her husband, quarterback Russell Wilson, have been focused on their family this offseason; they’ve been seen spending a lot of time together. One video they posted has even sparked pregnancy rumors among fans!

When it comes to their relationship, many are having difficulties. They’ve gone through a lot and there’s much drama going on.

Therefore, they’ve had a difficult time getting along for years. Their relationship has been highly charged, and it hasn’t been easy for either party.

They want to put the drama behind them and focus on being happy together and their family.

But that hasn’t stopped people from letting their emotions get the best of them online. When NFL-player-turned-podcaster Channing Crowder delivered some harsh words about Ciara and Wilson’s relationship, people were quick to respond.

In an effort to address the backlash, Ciara posted an encouraging post on her Instagram page with the caption, “Rise Above.”

She shared a photo of herself and Wilson’s stepson Future Zahir Wilburn on her Instagram page, captioning the image with “All that matters.”

Even so, some people still have issues with the couple’s relationship. Some have claimed that they haven’t always clicked.

They’ve been together for eight years and have two kids, but recently the relationship has become tumultuous. Reports indicate Ciara hasn’t spoken to her former flame since his arrest in 2014.

When this clip of Ciara twerking went viral, people weren’t shy to express their disapproval. Some even took the time to comment on the clip and express their opinion regarding Russell and Ciara’s relationship.

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