Pink Dog Puffer Jacket

A Review of a Pink Dog Puffer Jacket

As winter draws nearer, you should ensure your pup has a warm coat for walks. Puffer jackets provide protection and warmth in an easily manageable package; typically available with either down or synthetic fill – down being typically more costly but more soft and cozy than synthetic materials.

Amanda Constantine of Good Housekeeping Institute Home & Apparel Reviews evaluated dog puffer jackets to help you select one that’s just right for your pup. She found the Harlem Jacket from FuzzYard was particularly comfortable for dogs, while its smaller size fit Margo our French Bulldog model perfectly.

Lexie Sachs, of the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles, Paper & Apparel Lab Executive Director conducted rigorous rainproof tests on these jackets to make sure they can keep your pet dry during rainstorms. She appreciated that its exterior material used cotton, while its down alternative fill provides insulation. Furthermore, this jacket features an easy leash attachment point and two treat pockets as well as reflective trim to increase visibility during walks.

This pink dog puffer jacket is reversible and features a high neck to keep cold air off your pup’s head. Additionally, its easy back buckle provides custom fitting and its snap up hood protects both ears and nose from winter cold.

Numerous reviews found this jacket to be ideal for cold and windy conditions, while its manufacturer noted its waterproof properties. While there’s no hole for a harness attachment point, putting on this coat over collar or leash remains easy.

Although some might assume small breeds like chihuahuas and yorkies don’t need jackets, you might require one for your pup if he/she lives in climates with freezing temperatures or has short fur. Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers produce enough heat from their fur to handle cold conditions without the aid of jackets.

This pink dog puffer jacket is reversible so you can give your pup two looks with just one garment! With a high neck to keep wind away from its head and made from 100% polyester material, this jacket can easily be machine washed – just remember to use cold water on gentle cycle before hanging or laying flat to dry! Plus its cozy fleece lining ensures they remain warm even during chilliest of walks!

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