Kylie Jenner And Friends As Disney Princesses

Kylie Jenner and Friends Dressed Up As Disney Princesses For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, which means Instagram feeds will soon become saturated with embarrassing outfits worn by your friends as well as celebrity costumes – especially Kylie Jenner! She always goes all-out when celebrating this spooky holiday and her costumes always stand out amongst the pack. Kylie Jenner always manages to nail every costume she wears, and this year was no different. For Halloween she donned a stunning mermaid-themed outfit and even added special touches that make the costume all the more striking. Anita donned a red wig to channel Ariel, while her seashell bra top featured a strapless design that extended all the way up her thigh. To complete her outfit, she paired this ensemble with a sequined skirt adorned with sequins that featured an upturned center leg slit for movement and an Ariel-shaped yellow and blue purse as her accessories.

She completed her look by adding gold fish-shaped earrings, a long necklace with fake pearls, white fishnet gloves and some bold red lipstick – as well as the cutest plush toy ever in the shape of Flounder!

Last night, Kylie posted an Instagram photo featuring herself and four of her closest friends dressed as Disney princesses from The Little Mermaid. Kylie donned Ariel from this classic animated tale; Stassie Karanikolaou, Sofia Richie and Victoria Villarroel donned Jasmine, Belle and Cinderella costumes, respectively.

Kylie donned an eye-catching assassin ensemble for Halloween 2015. Her outfit featured black and white skeleton-inspired elements such as an outfit featuring strategically placed appliques to create the illusion of bones. Additionally, she added some scary contact lenses and red lipstick for extra flair.

Kylie dressed up as Christina Aguilera for Halloween 2016, wearing a black mini dress and matching hoodie, along with blood-red lipstick to complete her ensemble.

Kylie went all-out in 2022 when she decided to make an Elvira from Elvira: Mistress of Darkness appearance for Halloween. The makeup maven donned a full black cat costume complete with long coat, jumpsuit with fur detailing and cat ears, black eyeliner and cat makeup; as well as holding up two black cat claws in pictures to complete her look.

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