Pharaohs Car Club

The Pharaohs Car Club

The Pharaohs Car Club is a cross-border car club. It was founded in 1997 by five men. Its members have diverse backgrounds and drive some truly amazing vehicles. The group has a tight-knit family atmosphere and a border-crossing membership.

The origin of the name

Pharaohs Car Club was founded by a group of high school seniors in 1957. Its name was chosen to promote camaraderie among members. Unlike other car clubs, Pharaohs had no official affiliation, but the members had one thing in common: they loved their cars! They would gather at monthly cruises for fun and camaraderie.

The Pharaohs car club is an active, cross-border group of car enthusiasts. They attend car shows and local events, and the club is very popular. The Pharaohs car club has chapters in different cities.

The closeness of members

The Pharaohs car club is a group of people who enjoy the camaraderie of sharing rides and getting together. They started out as an independent group but have since grown into a community where they can hang out and have fun together. They enjoy car shows and cruises, but they’re not limited to the same type of rides. Members from across the country come together for a similar passion.

The car club’s history can be traced back to the ’60s, when the Pharaohs were the front runners of the classic car scene. In fact, the classic car scene was centered around these clubs, and they continue to stay true to their roots. The Pharaohs are known by many names, and the Pharaohs were initially made up of hundreds of smaller gangs.

The border-crossing nature of the club

The Pharaohs car club is a group of people from different places in the country who share a passion for cars. The group was founded in 1997 by five men. The members enjoy the closeness of the group and travel to different events to share their love of the automobile.

The Pharaohs car club began in Modesto, California, and has chapter-level representation throughout the U.S. and Canada. The group’s earliest members were mostly WWII and Korea War veterans. The group was founded on the same model as the FAROS car club, which was based in Modesto.

The name’s homage to American Graffiti

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