Philadelphia Police Car

Philadelphia Police Cars Get New Technology

The Philadelphia Police Department is putting a new technology to test out in its fleet of police cars. The technology is designed to help them identify wanted criminals, violent gang members, and citizens who have committed parking violations. The equipment, known as the Mobile Plate Hunter-900, uses cameras to scan license plates and match them with databases that contain information on people. The data is then logged into a database maintained by the FBI Criminal Crime Information Center.

philadelphia police car’s scarlet streak dates back to 1929

The scarlet streak on a Philadelphia police car dates back to 1929, when the color was a rare option for an ordinary Henry Ford black automobile. The city’s reform-minded leaders instituted a “Red Car System” to improve accountability and transparency. These vehicles were painted red to increase visibility.

philadelphia police car’s ballistic shields

Ballistic shields on the Philadelphia police car add protection from bullets in the event of an attack. The new protections add about $1,300 to the cost of each police car. However, they are worth it, according to police officials. These shields protect the front and back doors of the car from bullets. Prior shields only offered protection on the door windows. Philadelphia Police Department plans to install the shields on 100 Interceptor sedan models and 50 SUV models, including ten Patrol wagons.

philadelphia police car struck a woman

A Philadelphia police car struck a woman Tuesday in South Philadelphia. The accident happened at the intersection of 9th Street and South Street in the Bella Vista neighborhood. The woman suffered multiple injuries and was taken to a local hospital. The collision has prompted the Philadelphia Police Accident Investigation Division to start an investigation into the incident.

a man is dead

Police in Philadelphia have fired the officer responsible for shooting 12-year-old Thomas Siderio. The 12-year-old had been running from an unmarked police car and was shot in the back by two plainclothes officers. They were pursuing him on foot and did not use body cameras. According to police records, one of the shots hit Siderio in the upper right back. Another one exited his chest.

a boy is injured after two suspects ambushed officers

Police in Philadelphia are searching for two suspects who opened fire on police officers and students at the Roxborough High School. The suspects are in a pair of Richard Allen homes, which are owned by the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Authorities have not released the identity of the suspects. The boy was 14 years old and was shot in the chest. He died at the hospital. Police say there were also three other people inside the home during the shooting, but they were not involved in the shooting.

a black Dodge Journey is sought in other shootings

Police are searching for a black Dodge Journey in other shootings. Surveillance videos linked the Dodge to the crime scene. It was also seen canvassing apartments.

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