Peekaboo Ice Cream Net Worth

Peekaboo Ice Cream Net Worth

Peekaboo ice cream has gained considerable attention thanks to its Shark Tank debut last year. Since then, the company has expanded its distribution and introduced new flavors. It is made with organic, kosher, and non-GMO ingredients. The company’s net worth can grow as more people become aware of its healthy alternatives.

Jessica Levison

Peekaboo ice cream is a new type of frozen treat that Jessica Levison has created. The product is a low-calorie, vegetarian alternative to traditional ice cream. Jessica’s company has raised $1.2 million from investors. It is currently sold in stores including Whole Foods, Safeway, ShopRite, and Weis Markets.

Peekaboo is made with organic ingredients and provides a serving of veggies in every pint. The flavors range from strawberry sorbet to vanilla with zucchini. The desserts were even featured on the television show “Shark Tank” in December 2020. Levison was a finalist for a prize of more than $10,000. Her business has enjoyed new heights of success since it was featured on the show. Following her appearance, the ice cream company experienced a spike in sales and inbound interest from investors.

Jessica’s Peekaboo Organics brand of ice cream is already sold in more than 3,000 stores. Peekaboo’s product line has made Jessica’s net worth soar in the last few years.

Peekaboo ice cream

Peekaboo Ice Cream was one of the finalists in a product innovation competition and won, netting more than $10,000. Its founders had previously run a successful ice cream shop in Miami for 10 years. Then, they signed up for a casting call, and were contacted by producers of the TV show Shark Tank.

Today, Peekaboo Ice Cream is sold in over 3000 stores across the United States, as well as online. The brand has a net worth of over $1 million. The company currently sells ice cream in 14-oz containers for $10-15. They also intend to introduce these products as mini snacks, so that people can eat them as a snack.

Jessica Levison is the founder of Peekaboo Ice Cream. She was previously a lawyer at Legal Aid Services in Florida before starting her own company. In addition to the ice cream line, she runs a successful ice cream shop in Miami. She plans to launch single-serve snacks soon and expand her distribution with the Real California Milk company.

Secret ingredient

If you’re interested in ice cream that has vegetable-infused flavors, you might want to check out Peekaboo Organics. Their cartons cost $10 to $15 and feature a standard flavor plus one vegetable. Examples include chocolate ice cream with carrots and strawberry ice cream with cauliflower. Founder Jessica Weiss Levison was a lawyer before opening Peekaboo. After being fired from her job, she decided to focus all of her energy into the ice cream business.

Peekaboo’s founder Jessica Weiss Levison is a successful entrepreneur. She is the founder of an organic ice cream line. Peekaboo’s secret ingredient is vegetables, and each carton contains one vegetable or fruit. The company plans to sell its ice cream in over 3,000 locations by 2021.

Shark tank appearance

A fast-growing ice cream company called Peekaboo Organics was recently featured on ABC’s hit business reality series, Shark Tank. The ice cream maker made an appearance on episode 8 of the 12th season of the show, but did not receive a deal. The company’s website boasts that it contains a variety of healthy ingredients, including chocolate, spinach, and even cookie dough. Its founder, Jessica Levison, is a mother of three who is also an attorney. She juggled her career and ice cream shop for a number of years, but after being fired from her job, she decided to put all of her efforts into ice cream.

The Sharks did not agree with Jessica’s $10 million valuation, and Jessica left the show without a deal. But that did not mean that Peekaboo is not successful. The ice cream company has received positive feedback from the media, including Forbes, Good Magazine, and Today Magazine. It has since received inbound interest from investors who want to invest in it.

Value of company

Peekaboo Ice Cream is a California-based company with over $3 million in revenue. The company’s ice cream is available at more than 3000 stores in the United States and is sold online at Amazon. The company is currently valued at between $10 million and $15 million. The company’s product line includes ice cream that is low-fat and available in a variety of flavors.

Since the company’s Shark Tank debut last year, sales of the company have increased steadily. The company has introduced new flavors, expanded distribution, and introduced organic, kosher, and non-GMO products. This could help the company increase its net worth.

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