Peek A Boo Ice Cream Net Worth

Peek a Boo Ice Cream Net Worth

Peek a boo ice cream was launched in January of this year. It is an ice cream that contains a vegetable hidden within it. It is sold in small containers that cost between $10 and $15. Its creators intend to promote the products as snacks. As of now, there are no other products like this available on the market.

Peek a boo ice cream

Peek a boo ice cream is a frozen treat that contains real fruit and vegetables. The company’s creator, Jessica Levison, made the product as a way to get her kids to eat more vegetables. She started making it at home and started distributing it to other families in January of 2018. Peekaboo has made millions in net worth in just over four years!

In addition to being sold in over three thousand different grocery stores, Peekaboo can also be found on Amazon and on their own website. The company’s two-pack of eight ice creams sells for about $60. The company is currently growing in popularity and has recently released two new flavors that contain hidden vegetables. It is also available in low-fat varieties.

Veggie ice cream

Since the Shark Tank episode, Veggie Peek a Boo Ice Cream has been growing and developing its product. The company has recently launched two new flavors that contain hidden vegetables. One of these flavors contains zucchini hidden in cookie dough and the other includes buried tomatoes. These new flavors are in line with the company’s mission of providing healthy food for kids. Currently, the company has four flavors and a net worth estimated at $10 to $15 million.

The company also has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel. Currently, the company sells its products through retail stores, online stores, and at e-commerce sites. Founder Jessica Weiss Levison is the woman behind the company. She had three kids and struggled to provide them with adequate nutrition. As a result, she developed a recipe that included vegetables in ice cream.

Shark tank appearance

In an episode of “Shark Tank,” Jessica Levison will showcase her product, Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream. This ice cream contains vegetables hidden inside. It was developed with the intention of getting children to eat more vegetables, but the ice cream also tastes good. The Sharks will also get to sample the product during the pitch. If they like it, they will likely invest in the company.

Jessica Levison, the founder of Peekaboo Ice Cream, is a lawyer and a mom of three. Before she founded her company, she worked for Legal Aid in Florida. Her kids weren’t interested in eating vegetables, so she decided to disguise them in her ice cream. She began making the ice cream and distributing it in January 2018.

Sales growth

The net worth of Peek a boo ice cream is between $8 million and $12 million and is projected to reach the same amount by 2022. The company’s owner, Jessica Levison, is an ice cream lover who also happened to be a lawyer. She obtained her BA from the University of Michigan and her JD from New York Law School. After graduating, she served as a legal aid attorney in Broward County, Florida. She then founded Serendipity Creamery in Surfside, Florida, and spent the next several years blending her legal practice with the operations of her ice cream business.

Despite its initial lackluster start, the company has continued to expand its customer base and has added new items since its Shark Tank appearance. Most recently, the company launched two new flavors that contain a hidden vegetable. One of the new flavors features zucchini hidden in cookie dough, while the other includes buried tomatoes. These new flavors are in line with the company’s mission to provide healthy, delicious food for youngsters. In addition to their new products, Peekaboo has also increased their net worth by expanding to over three thousand locations.

Jessica Levison’s net worth

Peekaboo is a line of organic ice cream that includes a secret ingredient: vegetables. Each pint contains a serving of veggies and can cost anywhere from $10 to $15. Levison made the ice cream in order to get children to eat more vegetables.

Levison started the company when she was a lawyer. In the first year, she made $450,000 in sales. By 2021, she expects to sell her ice cream in more than 3,000 stores.

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