Peach Days 2022 Hurricane Utah

Peach Days 2022 Hurricane Utah

Few places offer better peaches than Brigham City or sweeter melons than Green River; both can be sampled at harvest festivals along Utah’s Fruit Highway during summer road trips.

Celebrating local fruits and vegetables is part of California culture, offering numerous advantages. Not only can you sample delicious produce at these harvest festivals that date back over 100 years; you may even witness a piece of small-town Americana!

Peach Days 2022 hurricane Utah

Brigham City began celebrating Peach Days as an event to commemorate their abundant harvest back in 1904 and it has now become the longest continually running festival in Utah, and one of two oldest in America. Now taking place every Labor Day weekend celebration draws people from throughout Intermountain West for food, shopping and entertainment!

Peaches may be the star attraction at this weekend event, but much attention is also given to other local fruits, vegetables and entertainment such as pageants, parades, 10K runs, carnivals and concerts as well as food vendors that include homemade pie and cobbler contests.

Planting peach trees during the first weekend in September requires careful planning, from selecting an ideal cultivar and site selection. Full sun conditions and organic-rich soil drainage are necessary to guarantee success – for Northern Utah or high mountain valley locations it may help extend growing season by providing shelter to reduce late spring frost risk.

Peaches are an integral part of Utah diets and widely grown throughout the state. While we usually think of peach trees as sources of dessert toppings, this juicy fruit can actually be used for much more. Culinary Crafts’ Ryan Crafts suggests using a simple grilled peach with sugar sprinkled on it and some lime juice splashed onto it as an accompanying side dish for any entree; or use slices grilled peaches as part of Caprese salad!

Cyprus Credit Union extends our congratulations and best wishes to the 11 high school seniors who were chosen as recipients of its 2022 scholarships, each receiving $1,000 toward their college educations. Winners were selected from among a group of high school seniors who planted trees as part of TreeUtah’s public planting event held last Saturday, May 14. TreeUtah plants trees throughout Utah’s schools and public spaces while helping ecological restoration projects, making us proud to support such an important initiative that benefits community. In fact, Cyprus employees also volunteered their services at Westpointe Park so more than 20 new trees now have permanent homes thanks to us.

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