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Meghan Markle’s Men’s Health Video Revealed

Meghan Markle may now be Duchess of Sussex, but that hasn’t stopped her from showing her playful side and discussing mental health struggles as well as women-specific topics in her popular podcast series ‘Archetypes’.

However, Meghan may have an altogether more saucy side than is commonly recognized. Recently resurfaced video from Men’s Health featuring Meghan is testament to this; it shows off a much different side from the serious Meghan who now serves as Prince Harry’s wife.

The clip was shot before she met Harry back in 2013 when Meghan was still an actress on USA legal drama Suits. Entitled ‘Grilling Never Looked So Hot,’ it features Meghan as she poses seductively on a rooftop set against New York City in a sheer top and micro shorts while seductively grilling hamburgers for camera. As soon as unbuttoned she flashes off a polka dot bra with smiling lips biting lips and blowing kisses for camera – all before biting her lips or blowing kisses!

Grilling is her passion and nothing tops a veggie patty topped with cheese, lettuce and tomato on a sesame seed bun for her! Plus she loves adding tart pickle slices for an added crunch!

Soon-to-be princess shows her friends and family how to craft the ideal burger. She begins by chopping some vegetables before adding it all into a pan along with meat and some seasonings, before using a spatula to flip it carefully without burning the veggies. Finally, she finishes it off by topping it off with some ketchup and mustard before serving up her masterpiece burger!

Meghan also revealed that salad is a staple in her diet. Her ideal salad includes greens and avocados with drizzles of olive oil, pinches of salt and pepper and squeezes of lemon juice added for additional flavour.

Early this year, Princess Anne opened up about her struggle with anxiety and depression. She acknowledged having struggled for some time now with these symptoms, learning how to manage them more effectively over time. Since her marriage, Meghan Markle has become more open about her journey and discussed the significance of mental health discussions amongst the public. This message of openness will continue as she transitions into her role as royal. She has established her own foundation to encourage others to discuss their struggles openly, as well as promote self-care through meditation. It is her hope that her actions will encourage others to follow suit and seek assistance for mental health issues; for those struggling, there are plenty of resources available that can assist with this effort.

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