Paige Spara Net Worth

Paige Spara Net Worth – How Much Is Paige Spara Worth?

Paige Spara is a prominent American actress. She started acting at a very young age. She was born in Washington, Pennsylvania and has a Polish, Italian, and Scottish ancestry.

She studied acting at Point Park University in Pittsburgh and later transferred to Marymount Manhattan College in New York. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theater performance. She appeared in short films, such as “Prospect Street” and “What Showers Bring,” after graduation. During her career, she has also worked in several advertisements and music videos.

Her role as Lea Dilallo on the ABC medical drama, The Good Doctor, has made her a well-known face in the industry. She has appeared in other television shows, such as The Social Network, and her appearances have earned her a large amount of money. She has also been a model for various advertisements and has modeled for numerous brands.

Currently, Paige Spara is starring in an indie film, She’s in Portland. In addition, she is hosting a podcast called The Inbetween. She also has a large number of followers on Twitter. Although she is a bit secretive about her personal life, she occasionally shares posts about her romantic relationship.

Despite her high-profile career, Paige Spara is still a single woman. She has never married and has not indicated whether or not she plans to have children. She is most likely looking for the perfect man.

She is the daughter of Kevin Spara, who owns a hair salon. She is also the sister of Taylor and Jesse. As of 2021, Paige is single and is not actively dating anyone. She has a white pet dog. She is an avid traveler and loves to sing and dance.

During her younger years, she worked as a tour guide at a New York City bus tour company. She then joined Kids’ Theatre Works. During her time in college, she participated in school and college dramas. She received a degree in theater performance from Marymount Manhattan College. During this time, she also worked at Irondale Theater in New York.

In 2010, Paige appeared in a short film called Prospect Street. She also appeared in Warren Elgort’s After the Hurricane video. She has also appeared in Reese Witherspoon’s film Home Again. In 2014, she was cast in a documentary thriller called Auditions. In 2015, she appeared in a comedy called Kevin from Work. She also played the character of Audrey Piatigorsky in the ABC Family sitcom. She has played the love interest of Freddie Highmore in The Good Doctor.

She is one of the most popular faces in the industry and has been known to make a significant amount of money. However, she is not surrounded by scandals and is known to keep her personal life private. She has been photographed with several attractive guys, but she has never publicly disclosed her current relationship. In fact, she is most likely dating a man who is a little older than her.

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