Pabllo Vittar Net Worth

Pabllo Vittar Net Worth

Pabllo Vittar is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who has achieved a lot of success in his career. Throughout his career, Vittar has won various awards, including the MTV Europe Music Award and the Premios Juventud Award. In addition, he has been nominated for the British LGBT Awards. This makes him a famous name in the world of entertainment.

Known for his feminine voice, Vittar has become a popular singer and songwriter. His song “Lean On” has become a hit in the music industry. In fact, the video for the song has reached more than 1 million views in a few months. Moreover, Pabllo Vittar is also famous for his Portuguese cover of the Major Lazer song “Lean On”. The video of the song has gained a huge amount of fans.

Although the artist has not been married yet, he has been rumored to be dating an unknown person. However, it is not clear if the two people are actually friends or just lovers.

Pabllo Vittar was born in Brazil on November 1, 1994. He is a naturalized Brazilian citizen and has been practicing Catholicism. He was born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. He has grey eyes and blonde hair. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 71 kilograms.

When he was 15, Pabllo came out to his mother and revealed his sexual orientation. The mother accepted it. It was then that Pabllo started singing professionally. He began to perform as a drag queen at the age of 18. He has been working as a musician and singer since then. He has released several singles, which have been successful in the Brazilian market. He has even won the prestigious Brasileiros do Ano (Brazilian Teenagers Award).

Before becoming a singer, he used to work as a model in snack bars. He also had his own clothing line. In the future, he may drop out of school and pursue his career. He has also endorsed products. In fact, he has been involved in a series of lucrative brand deals. Among them are Yeezy sneakers. As of now, his total net worth is estimated at $8 million. Besides that, he has a YouTube channel with more than 1 billion views and 7.69 million subscribers. He has a fan base of 12.6 million followers on Instagram and 3.5 million subscribers on Twitter.

In the past, Pabllo had several jobs, including working in beauty salons. He also participated in a variety of pageants. He has a twin sister who is older than him. He has also been a member of the Catholic church choir.

When he was young, Vittar was bullied because of his feminine voice. He decided to come out to his family at the age of 15. In the future, Pabllo became a popular singer and songwriter, mainly because of his female voice. His music has won him several awards, including the MTV Europe Music Award, the Premios Juventud Awards, and the Gay Times Honours.

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