Ocm Care Packages

OCM Care Packages

On Campus Marketing (OCM) is one of the biggest names in care packages. Their packages typically contain food items and personalized notes. They also provide other services to students, including made-to-order birthday cakes and sub trays during slow periods. The average cost of a care package is around $35, and there is a rush around holidays and Valentine’s Day.

Sending a package to a college student is a way to send a message of love

If you want to send your college student a thoughtful gift, you can include chocolates and other sweets. You can even put together a care package theme. For instance, you could send orange-colored items or a package that includes the college student’s favorite coffee. You can also include a personalized message in the package.

Care packages can be a great way to show your student that you care about them, regardless of their major. Many college students will appreciate small gestures from family and friends. Consider giving a care package themed around a holiday, such as Valentine’s Day or Easter. You can also create a theme around a particular color, like red or orange.

A care package can include anything from coffee to cookies to movies. The college student’s first year can be stressful, so a little treat from home is a welcome distraction. Items like fluffy socks, bubble wands, and therapy dough are great for relieving stress. A weighted blanket can also provide comfort and support during a hectic period.

It is a way to connect with them

Whether your student is going through a stressful time, or just needs a little bit of encouragement, OCM care packages are a great way to connect with them. They are delivered during exam time and other important times throughout the academic year and contain items that students need for study or quick meals. They range in price from $20 to $55, and include a personalized message.

Whether your child is celebrating a birthday, or sending well wishes to celebrate a finals exam, OCM care packages help bridge the gap between home and college. They have packages for every major milestone in college, including chocolate-covered birthday cake, exam survival kits, and gift baskets for new friends. They also offer gluten-free and other dietary options.

It is a way to give back to student organizations

Care packages are a great way to cheer up college students on special occasions or send well wishes for finals. The care packages are made to fit a variety of occasions and include snacks the students love. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the care packages is donated back to the campus, benefiting campus programming and improvements.

OCM partners with over 900 colleges across the country. They send out marketing materials to families and students, as well as directly to students. A student named Ashley Gream received an advertisement during her orientation. After reading the advertisement, she placed her order on July 23 and received her care package two days later, on Aug. 19.

OCM also has a custom care package service. You can select a box size and add a personal note to each care package. You can also choose the type of items you want to include in the care package, allowing you to make a unique package for a unique student.

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