Ochocinco Smart Car

Chad Ochocinco Shows Off His Smart Car Collection

On a rooftop in Los Angeles, Chad Ochocinco revealed his impressive car collection. He talks about living outside of the box, being a diva, and more before driving off in a Smart Car. Other celebrities who own Smart Cars include Justin Bieber, Shaq, Mel Gibson, and Simon Cowell.

Chad Johnson drives a pimped out smart car

It seems like a strange thing to do, but Chad Johnson has a pimped-out Smart Car. He bought it at the Auto Firm in Miami seven years ago for around 18K and spent another 25K to make it look like a real car. In addition to the matte black paint job, Johnson also added custom satin seats and a set of custom customer tires. This car is a perfect way for Johnson to avoid a gas crisis in style.

While he may not be a Kardashian, Chad Johnson does love his Smart Car. In fact, he recently upgraded it to a 2016 model, which he claims is the perfect vehicle for him. The pimped-out Smart is also environmentally-friendly, with only a small carbon footprint.

Chad Johnson drives a Toyota Prius

Chad Johnson, one of the biggest names in reality TV, has become a SMART car owner. The actor purchased a custom SMART car from Florida-based automaker Alex Vegas’s Auto Firm. It’s adorned with his jersey number 21 and the word “Prime” on the trunk. It also has wireless charging stations and automatic emergency braking.

Chad Johnson’s smart car gets 55 mpg

Chad Johnson’s Ochocince smart car was custom built by Alex Vegas’s Auto Firm in Florida. He said it gets 55 miles per gallon and costs just $20 to fuel. The SMART car also has wireless charging docks and automatic emergency braking. It also features a satin black paint scheme and custom wheels.

Unlike the Kardashians, Ochocinco Johnson’s career is not all about being in the limelight. He also had his own dating show on VH1 called “The Ultimate Catch” which he won with aspiring artist Rubi Pazmino. While he might not be the most popular TV personality, he is still an avid owner of Smart cars. He even recently upgraded his Smart ForTwo to a 2016 model.

Chad Johnson’s smart car is in high demand

While Chad Johnson is not a Kardashian, he does have an impressive car collection. In the video above, the ex-NFL star shows off his pimped out Smart Car and talks about how he’s not afraid to live outside the box. The Smart Car is a great option because it’s inexpensive, and Chad Johnson spent about $25k getting it pimped.

The SMART vehicle has many features, including a wireless charging dock and automatic emergency braking. The car also features a custom grill and trunk, which have the jersey number 21 and Prime, respectively.

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