Nikki Blonsky Bathing Suit

Nikki Blonsky in Her Huge Bathing Suit

There is a new TV show on ABC Family called Huge and it stars Nikki Blonsky. The show follows a group of overweight teenagers who are sent to a boot camp to learn the ways to manage their weight. It has a pretty cool cast of actors including Hayley Hasselhoff, Gabourey Sidibe, and Ariel Winter. So it’s safe to say that Blonsky was in the thick of the action. Her character, Willamina, may or may not have mastered the art of the deadlift but based on her appearance she’s got the bods to prove it.

In the show’s promo campaign, Blonsky was the star of the show and was able to show off her bathing suit with some class. In addition to her bathing suit, she donned a sequined tank top and black jeans. She also wore a pair of high heels. At one point, she even made an appearance on Good Day New York. While it’s not the most exciting thing to watch, Blonsky is always fun to watch.

While her show has its ups and downs, it’s clear that Blonsky has learned her lessons well and is a savvy business woman who has done her research. She’s even made some smart choices with her career, choosing the right movies to film, and the right people to work with. As a result, Blonsky is now poised to make the leap from Hollywood to the big leagues. And she’s still got a lot to teach today’s youth.

It’s no secret that the TV industry is a tough nut to crack, but Blonsky is one of those rare celebrities who can do the unthinkable. After all, she came out as a lesbian at age 30. That’s a long time to come out but the actress has been on the rise ever since. From her role in Hairspray to her performance in Geography Club, Blonsky has proven that she is no stranger to the spotlight. Not to mention that she’s a good ole’ girl who knows how to have fun. Even though she’s had some bumps along the way, she’s still one to watch for years to come.

On the subject of the show, the actress was even on hand for a photo op on the red carpet. With her signature sass, she looked every bit the accomplished actress in a smoky eyed, sexy smoulder. During the sultry hour she posed for pictures with a number of hotties. Meanwhile, her entourage included leading plus size model Emme. One of the actresses more noteworthy aliases was the lady with the longest hair in the show. But she isn’t the only one with a good hair day. Check out the gallery of photos below to see for yourself.

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