London Has Fallen 2016 Subtitles

London Has Fallen (DVD) Review

“London Has Fallen” is a bit of a dud. Sure, it has the obligatory cast and crew, but the story isn’t the most exciting of tales. Besides, the city os heiress isn’t exactly the hotbed of high fidelity financial trading you might find on Wall Street. Moreover, the city’s most notable landmarks aren’t really in the movie. One of the many flaws is its underwhelming sense of style. This leads to several hiccups that would make any viewer shudder.

The movie is a tad more entertaining when the cast isn’t in the way, and the requisite crew is a little more dialed in. The film is a slam dunk for the first three quarters, but it will be a tough act to follow for the last half of the night. For one thing, the premise is a rehash of the “Die Hard” formula. And the budget doesn’t allow for a slew of fancy gadgets. In other words, this isn’t the kind of film you’ll want to catch up with your tinsel clad mates after work. As such, a few drinks in the nearest pub may be in order before you even consider a trip to the theater.

While there isn’t a lot to recommend this nitpicky film, it’s a decent time waster. It doesn’t offer anything new, but it’s a brisk 90 minutes to boot. With that said, it’s a good way to blow off a steamy afternoon. Fortunately, there are other things to do in the vicinity. If you’re not a fan of “Die Hard,” there are plenty of more appealing options on your doorstep. Or maybe you’d prefer to spend the night schmoozing with your fellow bankers. Is it really worth the schlep? You could do much worse. Hopefully, the good folks at AMC can come up with something else for your viewing pleasure. Until then, best wishes! oh and a smattering of the finest champagne. Lastly, don’t forget to check out our movie ratings for more suggestions. Hopefully, you’ll find the movie of your choice soon. Let us know what you think. See you in May! All of the above mentioned films are available for rent or purchase at AMC stores nationwide.

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