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Married at First Sight Brides Revealed – Nate Barnes and Stacia Karcher Are No Longer Married

On a recent episode of Married At First Sight, season 15 bride Stacia Karcher revealed that she and her husband Nate Barnes have separated. Despite their Decision Day agreement, they are no longer living apart at different homes.

Stacia and Nate had an intense physical connection but also struggled with communication. While Stacia desired a family soon, Nate wanted to build his foundation and emotional bond with her before considering having children.

They were able to work through their issues and get through the season, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Nate struggled with issues of sexual chemistry while his wife refused to move in with him. Ultimately, though, they managed to make it work and move forward together despite all obstacles.

At the conclusion of their season, Nate and Stacia still lived apart but were alternating between them every few weeks to help them adjust to married life. Both were struggling with finding a balance between working on their marriage and enjoying free time together.

Stacia and Nate were deeply committed to their relationship, even getting matching tattoos on the day of their nuptials! Although their disagreements weren’t as blatant as other couples’, there were still subtle but significant disagreements over values and direction for the future.

In the “where are they now?” special that aired after the season ended, Stacia revealed she was considering filing for divorce or separation from Nate after their struggles. Additionally, she shared that she was having difficulty communicating with her husband, who often felt like he wasn’t enough for her.

He made a genuine effort to improve himself and demonstrate his affection for Stacia. To demonstrate his dedication, he even signed a post-nuptial agreement as proof of his devotion.

At their reunion, Stacia and Nate revealed that they remained madly in love but needed to make some changes in their marriage. They were living separately, alternating between his house in downtown San Diego and hers in the suburbs.

They both felt overwhelmed with frustration and confusion over their new marriage, so they needed to work on improving communication. Hoping that together they could find a solution and stay together as a couple.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely improving. After an argument in the kitchen, Nate confessed his affection for Stacia but wasn’t sure whether or not he was ready to declare it publicly yet.

When she asked why, Nate explained that he was afraid of being vulnerable and revealing his emotions to her. He advised that she be patient with him and try to understand his perspective on things.

But when she tried to convince him otherwise, he became angry and frustrated. He began questioning their relationship, feeling that she was disrespecting him by asking for love before he had really learned how to express his emotions.

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