Nardo’s Naturals Net Worth 2021

Nardo’s Naturals Net Worth 2021

If you watched the episode of Shark Tank on March 9, 2012, you have probably seen the Nardo brothers. They were pitching their all-natural organic skin care products. They were trying to get investors to invest in their business. Their products are vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. They sell their products in spas, hotels, and resorts. Their net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, the Nardo brothers were generating just $30k in sales per year. However, their business began thriving after the show. They started selling their cosmetics in spas, salons, and hotels. In addition, they sold their products online. They are now planning to generate $4.8 million in sales in the next two years.

In the second season of Shark Tank, the owners of Nardo’s Natural made an appearance. The brothers pitched their products to five different sharks. They explained their entry into the beauty industry, as well as their manufacturing process. They also demonstrated the products that they were introducing. They were able to receive hundreds of orders during the show. Their products were also listed on Walgreen’s website.

Although the Nardo brothers did not win a deal during their first appearance on the show, they did receive a generous offer from Barbara Corcoran. She offered them a 50% stake in their business. She offered them $75,000 for their investment. The brothers accepted her offer. They were excited about the opportunity. Their investment will help them cover production expenses, and they are looking forward to further expanding their business.

After the appearance on the show, the Nardo’s Naturals net worth has skyrocketed. Their products are now in health spas across the country. The company has also been awarded the Business of the Year in Florida. They are currently manufacturing all their products in Tampa, Florida. The brothers are preparing to expand their business, and they are anticipating astronomical growth in the next few years.

Before appearing on the show, the Nardo’s brothers did not have any experience in the manufacturing industry. They started their business in their parent’s garage. They manufactured all of their organic skin care products. They used environmentally friendly packaging, and they were able to get more than one million hits on their website during their publicity campaign.

Their products are all-natural, and they are paraben-free. They have earned a 600% markup on their products. During their appearance on the show, they received hundreds of emails congratulating them on their success. They are still receiving congratulatory emails from people who purchase their products.

Their business was featured on Good Morning America in April 2012. They received over one million web visits during their publicity campaign. They have been contacted by the White House and have been sent letters. In the past year, they have added new products to their line.

The brothers have continued to build their business and have grown their market share. They continue to sell their products through their online stores and in their spas. They have also landed an exciting contract with Walgreen’s.

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