Nardo Natural Net Worth

Nardos Natural Net Worth

Nardos Natural is an organic skin care company that is based in Tampa, Florida. Its products include facial oils, moisturizers, body butters, and lip balms. They are also vegan and contain no harsh chemicals. They are made locally in Tampa, which allows them to keep a low carbon footprint. Its products are also packaged in eco-friendly green packaging.

The company was launched by brothers Keith J. Mastronardo and Danny Nardo, who are originally from South Florida. They were both fed up with the harmful chemicals that are used in the skincare industry and decided to start an organic skincare business. They began manufacturing their products in their parents’ garage. They were able to get their product on the market after a successful publicity campaign.

Their products were initially available in 17 small spas. After getting more than one million hits on their website, they were able to get a feature on the show Good Morning America. They also appeared on the second season of Shark Tank. During the episode, they received hundreds of orders for their products. Their company is still growing. They now have 16 sales representatives, and expect to bring in $4.8 million in sales this year.

The two brothers decided to pitch their all-natural, organic skin care products to a panel of sharks on the show. They explained that they were new to the cosmetics industry, and wanted to start a family business. They were determined to make their company a success. The brothers were astonished when they found out that Barbara Corcoran was interested in their business. She offered them a $75,000 investment in return for 50% equity in the company.

They received a congratulatory email after the appearance. The brothers decided not to change their name, and continued to sell their products in-store and online. They were able to sign a deal with Walgreen’s, which listed their products on their website. They were thrilled that they were able to get a great deal, and were excited to work with Barbra.

After their appearance on the show, they had to go through a rigorous screening process. They had to complete a background check, as well as provide extensive information about their products. Then they had to make a video. They had to show the audience the products, which were all formulated from botanical extracts. They had to do surveys, as well.

The company has grown dramatically since the show. They have a website, a spa in St. Petersburg, and have been able to raise funds to expand their business. They have even gone to Los Angeles for a tape segment. They are now looking to gain even more market share. They have a plan to increase their revenues to $5 million by the end of this year, and anticipate even more growth over the next two years.

They are also hoping to grow their brand in other ways, such as expanding their product line. They have already signed a contract with Walgreen’s, and are hoping that they will eventually land in CVS or other big box stores.

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