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The Cast of Napoleon Dynamite Reunites For a Throwback Selfie

When a teen actor named Jon Heder began portraying the wildly awkward Napoleon Dynamite, it was a game changer for a generation of kids and adults. The film, which was shot in just 23 days on a budget of $1,000, quickly gained fans around the world for its plethora of one-liners and wry observations.

Heder’s performance spawned a franchise, which included a spin-off and two animated series (not counting the original movie itself). The film was one of Viacom’s defining films during the company’s heyday in the 1990s.

A decade later, a sequel and a remake are now in the works, which has spawned a new wave of fandom among younger viewers. The new “Napoleon Dynamite” is a little more than a carbon copy of the original film, but it’s still fun to watch.

This reimagining of the classic Napoleon Dynamite is also a tribute to Jon Heder, who voiced Napoleon and also starred in the original film. It also rekindles the original film’s quirky characters.

The cast of the original cult teen comedy has reunited for a sweet group photo. Heder, along with Tina Majorino and Efren Ramirez, posed for a throwback selfie that has gone viral.

Taylor Swift’s best friend Abigail Anderson shared the picture on Instagram, describing it as “the perfect moment to share.”

It’s also a perfect way to celebrate the friendship that started when they were in ninth grade. The pair have been close since then, and are preparing to begin their collegiate careers next year at the University of Kansas.

Swift’s best friend has been a huge influence on her music, and she even lent her voice to her song “Picture to Burn.”

Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson will be friends for life. They are both pursuing their dreams of becoming famous and have had lots of shared experiences in their lives that have inspired Swift’s songs.

In addition to their musical connections, the two women have a close friendship that stems from their years at a boarding school in Missouri. The girls met through their high school drama club, and have been together ever since.

Despite their age, they have always been the best of friends, and the two are excited to see what the future holds for them. And it looks like they are going to have plenty of opportunities to get together as they start their collegiate careers.

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is a huge fan of Napoleon Dynamite. She wore the same “Vote for Pedro” T-shirt to her wedding in 2009, and she was even a fan of the movie while filming her own music video for “Look What You Made Me Do.”

The two women have been good friends since they were young, and their friendship is as strong as ever. Anderson said they have been able to discuss their differences and learn from each other.

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