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What Does Jonah Hill Smell Like When He’s Directing?

Jonah Hill is a well-known comedian and actor who has also recently made some bold steps into directing. His first feature film Mid90s is currently in pre-production, and his Netflix limited series Maniac will debut this fall.

In a recent interview with GQ, Hill revealed that he has a starter pack of things that he likes to keep on set for movie making. Among the typical picks, Hill said that he has a Bang & Olufsen Beolit speaker for keeping his music playlist going. He’s also got an incense burner to burn while he’s shooting, which helps mask some of the smells that can get overwhelming on set.

But perhaps the most important item in his directing starter pack is something that we’ve never seen before. During the interview, Hill revealed that he always carries around incense on his set to try and mask the odors from portable toilets.

One of the most common and dreaded things about being on set during moviemaking is the smells from the port-a-potties that are spread across the entire location. And Hill knows this too well. He told the magazine that he’s “gone through a lot of stuff to try and make it more enjoyable for everyone.”

He also tries to encourage a positive environment on the set, and one of his favorite ways to do this is by burning some Astier de Villatte incense every day. He admits that it may sound strange, but he says that it really does help mask the smells.

In the same article, Hill also shared a video that’s been going viral, that features a bunch of interviews from over the years where people have dumped on him about his weight. And he looked really quite hurt by it all.

He’s a guy who can make people laugh, but he’s also a serious actor who has worked in a few Oscar-worthy movies. So why isn’t he being given the respect that he deserves? He’s a great guy. But it seems that people in Hollywood have a very specific type of opinion about Hill and his appearance. He’s been considered “the fat guy in Hollywood” for a while now, and that’s not something that is helpful for him.

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