Naomi Watts Street Style

Fashion Icon Naomi Watts Shows Off Her Street Style Style

Watts is an iconic fashion figure renowned for her impeccable sense of style. Whether it be on a red carpet event or out with her friends, she always looks chic and fashionable – always managing to look chic and on trend all at the same time! A fan of mixing high-end designer pieces with wearable separates to achieve timeless and on trend looks.

Less than one week away from the Oscars, and actress Eva Green is gearing up to hit the red carpet in a stunning Gucci dress for this prestigious awards show. She kept fans updated about her look through Instagram posts as well as sharing an behind-the-scenes post of it all with them.

Watts has long been a familiar face during awards season, but this year she is taking an unusually bold tack by confronting menopause head on by creating an award-worthy beauty line to aid women through its transition. Partnering with Amyris Biotech (which owns several clean beauty brands) to launch Stripes skin care line that addresses common symptoms associated with both menopause and perimenopause including scalp dryness and vaginal dryness.

Her menopausal skincare line was inspired by years of feeling embarrassed about her perimenopausal symptoms, including dehydrated skin and vaginal dryness. To ensure women with similar issues could find trustworthy brands to trust, she decided to create one herself.

Since her emergence, she’s also made appearances in horror movies like Amazon Studios’ Goodnight Mommy and Ryan Murphy’s The Watcher, while remaining an avid art enthusiast who recently purchased several works at Tribeca Ball in New York City.

She keeps herself busy with social engagements throughout the day and night, including attending the Tribeca Ball each year to see what new pieces it features. As an avid supporter of young emerging artists, she regularly attends this event for inspiration.

On her off-duty time in New York City, actress Olivia Wilde took Izzy out for a stroll wearing a black midi-length sundress complemented by tan shoulder bags, platform sandals and an eye-catching gold pendant necklace for this casual outing.

They took to the streets of New York in matching outfits; Crudup donned a navy suit tucked into black ankle boots, accessorized with white button-down shirt and navy tie for a complete look.

While she looked stunning in her ensemble, Kristen Stewart made quite a style statement at Vineyard Theatre 40th Gala with her ensemble featuring violet sequins by Chanel in black tweed. To complete her look she added red lip and sleek envelope bag.

She’s also an enthusiastic proponent of a new menopause-friendly skin care line she introduced in September: her inaugural collection features 11 products targeting various menopausal symptoms from head to toe – featuring ingredients like Ectoine to prevent dryness and protect against external stressors.

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