Territorio De Zaguates After Netflix

Supporting Territorio De Zaguates After Netflix’s Dogs

After watching Netflix’s Dogs, we were in an exceptionally dog-loving mood. The docuseries offered an effective escape from reality while celebrating four-legged companions – yet we still left wanting to support organizations featured on screen.

Costa Rica’s Territorio de Zaguates stray dog sanctuary was recently featured on Netflix series. Situated in Heredia Mountains just over an hour drive away from San Jose.

Territorio is home to over 1,000 rescued dogs that live free-range, spacious accommodations. Caregivers take great pride in caring for each pup individually by providing food, water and even medications as required.

Love and compassion drive them in their mission of saving animals who have been abandoned or neglected by society. They offer these pups the chance to roam free in the mountains while seeking permanent homes for those that can’t find one anywhere else.

Territorio is a 100% non-profit animal shelter, dependent upon donations for operation. They have an easy donation page and your donations will go toward vet care, medical supplies and food for their dogs’ wellbeing.

If you wish to visit this amazing dog sanctuary, it is wise to call ahead and confirm their schedule before going. Visitor hours vary according to weather or other factors so please visit their website for up-to-date information.

After the debut of Netflix’s Dogs season, donations increased significantly for Territorio de Zaguates shelter to fund construction projects at their shelter. But even now that Netflix’s Dogs season is finished, many more stray pups require homes.

Costa Rica is home to an estimated two million stray dogs who endure lives of poverty and neglect. Alvaro Saumet and Lya Battle founded Territorio de Zaguates as a nonprofit dog shelter located in Costa Rican mountains to assist these animals find loving forever homes.

Organization has already saved over 1800 dogs since opening, making them one of the nation’s leading stray dog shelters. Run solely by volunteers, their goal is to give these pups second chances and let them roam free in our gorgeous mountain terrain.

Dog lovers, this is the place for you! When planning a trip to Costa Rica, make sure you set aside time at this incredible dog sanctuary.

Territorio Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill, no-euthanasia animal sanctuary operated entirely by volunteers that focuses on finding permanent homes for all the animals in its care. If you’re in the market to adopt, check out Territorio’s online calendar of available pups!

At present, the sanctuary isn’t open to the public; however, they plan on opening again early 2019. They’re currently undertaking some infrastructure renovations that the government has mandated, but hope to complete them quickly.

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