Murder House Sunnyvale Tx

Murder House Sunnyvale Texas

One woman was killed and three of her children injured on Sunday evening during a shooting incident at Sunnyvale Apartment Complex in Sunnyvale, Texas. Police believe at least two individuals got out of a black vehicle and opened fire on them while waiting in their vehicle to enter. Victims were shot multiple times – in the head, back, chest area – with one child suffering fatal wounds at the scene while two more received non-life threatening injuries at Medical City Dallas Hospital. Suspects fled in a black late-model sedan equipped with custom wheels; no information has yet been given regarding them or location yet either.

Sarah Henderson is facing murder house sunnyvale tx charges of killing both of her children and husband while they slept in 2015; her lawyer has already made arguments in support of domestic violence and mental illness as factors that may have played into this tragedy. Police have released recordings of Henderson’s EMS/911 calls as evidence against any false reports she may have made during this ordeal.

Investigators have yet to ascertain a motive and identify suspects for Henderson and Henderson’s husband Jacob Henderson’s deaths, who was both a real estate broker and Airbnb host at their Navarro Drive house, have created controversy in their community and may prompt city hall to review its regulations on short-term rentals.

One of Henderson’s neighbors, a law professor from the University of North Texas, warned the case could set a dangerous precedent for landlords. “If someone does not register with their city and commits crimes such as this one,” he stated, then this may open the floodgates to others looking for ways around paying taxes or abiding by law.

Henderson is being held on capital murder charges and, if convicted, could face life imprisonment or the death penalty. A psychiatric evaluation has begun in order to assess her competency for trial; her defense team maintains she suffers from bipolar disorder and thus cannot understand or plan her murderous acts.

Charles M. “Charlie” Mayhew Sr. was found shotgunned dead at his rural home on March 1, 1998 after amassing an estimated multi-million-dollar fortune through oil drilling and investments.

Chuck Mayhew was known as an unscrupulous hard-living hell-raiser who would brag of being paid assassins and would shoot dogs without provocation, often fighting his father over their troubled property business. Investigators interviewed him but never accused him as being involved; Austin socialite Amanda Dealey filed a wrongful-death suit against him while making several statements regarding his character.

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