Jason Blu” Griffith Still In Jail

Jason ‘Blu’ Griffith is Still in Jail on Murder Charges

Jason “Blu” Griffith, 35, was found guilty by a Las Vegas Strip jury Friday of killing Debbie Flores Narvaez after they got into an argument over her cell phone and it was thrown 100 feet; according to prosecutors she slipped down stairs in her underwear, hit her head and neck, collapsed then died from head trauma. Griffith performed with Cirque du Soleil show “Love,” where they danced as colleagues before police discovered her dismembered body in concrete tubs at a vacant downtown house; now faces life sentence from life imprisonment for this crime.

This case involved sexual indiscretions between two up-and-coming performers in Las Vegas showgirl circles. It garnered national headlines before Louis Colombo agreed to testify against Griffith against immunity provisions; Colombo and Griffith are accused of placing Flores’ body in a plastic bin covered in cement before hiding it away for 23 days at an empty house closet before police discovered it.

Michael Yanez, Griffith’s attorney, attempted to present him as the victim of Flores Narvaez’s violent, threatening behavior and suggested she needed counseling for mental health issues; but, after 14 hours of deliberations, they found him guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced him to 10-life prison.

He will become eligible for parole after serving 1,294 days in jail and receiving credit. At his sentencing hearing, he addressed the victim’s family and expressed deep remorse for what had occurred, emphasizing that he wasn’t an aggressive individual like what the killing suggested – though without offering an apology.

Celeste Flores Narvaez sobbed into her mother’s shoulder as the verdict was read aloud, telling the judge how her sister’s death left her feeling empty and she will no longer spend holidays or receive phone calls from her. Additionally, she lamented not knowing where her sister’s dancing career could have led.

Yanez wrote to the judge in a letter arguing that evidence was withheld from the jury and should be allowed to appeal the conviction. He asserted that Flores Narvaez was actually more aggressive, having egged his car, slashed tires, and sent threatening emails towards Griffith than suggested by the killing itself. Unfortunately, however, the judge denied his request for speedy appeal or viewing all available evidence; she decided that Griffith will receive between 10-20 years imprisonment at his July 23 sentencing date; currently serving his time at Clark County Jail until eligible for parole eligibility;

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